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Election Analysis

This blog has analyzed local and state elections going back to 2006.

2022 Pre-election Analysis

2021 Kalamazoo Election Preview

Election Fraud Analysis

2020 Post-election Analysis
Lessons from the 2020 Primary Elections
2020 Michigan Primary Election Results
2020 Michigan Local Election Results

2020 Fundraising Analysis
July 2020 Michigan State House Fundraising

2020 Pre-election Analysis
2020 Michigan Election Preview
2020 Michigan Congressional Races
2020 Michigan State House Races (primary)
2020 State Supreme Court Election Preview

2019 Kalamazoo Election Preview

2018 Post-election Analysis
Michigan 2018 Election Results
Lessons from the 2018 Primary Elections
2018 August Primary Election Results

2018 Fundraising Analysis
July 2018 Michigan State House Fundraising
July 2018 Michigan State Senate Fundraising
January 2018 Michigan State Senate Fundraising
October 2017 Michigan State Senate Fundraising

2018 Pre-election Analysis
2018 Michigan Primary Election Races
2018 Michigan Congressional Races
2018 Michigan State Senate Elections
2018 Michigan State House Races (general)
2018 Michigan State House Races (primary)
2018 Kalamazoo County Commission Races

2017 Kalamazoo Election Preview

2016 Post-election Analysis
How Trump Won Michigan
2016 Election Results in Kalamazoo County
2016 Analysis: Kalamazoo
Lessons from the 2016 Primary Elections

2016 Fundraising Analysis
2016 Michigan Pre-General State House Fundraising Reports
2016 Michigan Post-primary State House Fundraising
2016 Michigan State House Fundraising

2016 Pre-election Analysis
2016 Michigan Primary Election Races
2016 Michigan Congressional Races
2016 Michigan State House Races (general)
2016 Michigan State House Races (primary)
2016 Kalamazoo County Commission Races

2015 Kalamazoo Election Preview

2014 Post-election Analysis
Where Did Lorence Wenke’s Votes Come From?
Conservatives Win in November
Michigan 2014 Election Results
Lessons from the Primary Election
2014 August Primary Election Results

2014 Fundraising Analysis
Michigan Pre-General Fundraising Reports
Michigan Post-primary Fundraising Reports
Michigan State House Fundraising
Michigan State Senate Fundraising

2014 Pre-election Analysis
2014 Michigan General Election Preview
2014 Michigan Primary Election Preview
2014 Michigan Congressional Races
2014 Michigan State Senate Elections
2014 Michigan State House Elections (general)
2014 Michigan State House Elections (primary)
2014 Kalamazoo County Commission Elections

2013 Kalamazoo Election Preview

2012 Post-election Analysis
2012 Analysis: Michigan
2012 Analysis: Senate
2012 Analysis: Ballot Propositions
2012 Analysis: Kalamazoo
Fred Upton's Smear Campaign

2012 Pre-election Analysis
2012 Michigan General Election Preview (selective)
2012 Michigan General Election Preview (comprehensive)
2012 Michigan August Primary Preview (selective)
2012 Kalamazoo Primary Election Preview (comprehensive)
2012 Michigan Congressional Races
2012 Michigan State House Races
2012 Kalamazoo County Commission Election Preview

2011-12 Michigan Redistricting

2011 Election Preview

2010 Post-Election Analysis (General)
Analysis: Governor
Analysis: Michigan
Analysis: Kalamazoo

2010 Post-Election Analysis (Primary)
Analysis of 6th District Congressional Race
Analysis of the 20th Senate Primary

2010 Elections
2010 Election Preview
2010 Election Preview (primary)
Michigan Senate Races
Kalamazoo County Commission Races

2009 Elections
2009 Election Preview
2009 Election Results
Discrimination Ordinance Passes

2008 Post-Election Analysis (General)
Analysis: President
Analysis: National
Analysis: Michigan
Analysis: Michigan Supreme Court
Analysis: Kalamazoo

2008 Election Preview (General)

2008 Primary Elections
61st District Election Analysis
2008 Election Preview (Primary)
2008 Presidential Candidates

2007 Elections
Kalamazoo City Commission Election
Portage Elections

2006 Post-Election Analysis
Why Republicans Lost
Analysis: Michigan
Analysis: Governor
Analysis: MCRI
Analysis: Local

2006 Election
Analysis of local races

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