Wednesday, March 31, 2010

America First Day

Five years ago today.

Happy America First Day
America First Day with Ted Nugent
Students for Life Speech


It appears that the plot of the so-called 'Christian militia' group that is alleged to have plotted to kill police officers was more-or-less created by the government. It is far from clear that anything would have ever happened if the government hadn't provoked them into (allegedly) committing a crime.

Feds infiltrated militia group

Freedom Works, Government Doesn't

Ann Coulter points out the difference between government control of health care and the telephone industry.

Prescription For Disaster Now Covered Under Obamacare


A few weeks ago, The New York Times ran an editorial noting the amazing fact that, by the middle of this year, there will be an estimated 6.8 billion people on Earth -- and 5 billion will have cell phones! (Even more astounding, at least one of them is seated directly behind me every time I go to the movies.)

How did that happen without a Democrat president and Congress using bribes, parliamentary tricks and arcane non-voting maneuvers to pass a massive, hugely expensive National Cell Phone Reform Act?

How did that happen without Barney Frank and Henry Waxman personally designing the 3-foot-long, 26-pound, ugly green $4,000 cell phone we all have to use?

How did that happen without Obama signing the National Cell Phone Reform bill, as a poor 10-year-old black kid who couldn't afford to text-message his friends looked on?

The reason nearly everyone in the universe has a cell phone is that President Reagan did to telephones the exact opposite of what the Democrats have just done with health care.

Before Reagan came into office, we had one phone company, ridiculously expensive rates and one phone model. Reagan split up AT&T, deregulated phone service and gave America a competitive market in phones. The rest is history.

If you can grasp how inexpensive cell phones in a rainbow of colors and wonders like the iPhone could never have been created under a National Cell Phone Reform Act, you can understand what a disaster ObamaCare is going to be for health care in America.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obama Lies

Or broken promises, at the very least.

33 Broken Promises

Population Shifts in Michigan

Interesting information from Republican Michigander on population shifts in Michigan. This will be important when redistricting occurs. Wayne County will lose at least one state house seat and possibly a state senate seat. The Kent/Ottowa area will likely gain a house seat.

Population shift in Michigan - People move away from democrat areas

As RM points out, people are largely leaving democrat areas and moving to Republican ones.


This update focuses on the culture war.

Steve Sailer: The Bush Administration And The Middle Parts Of History
Washington Watcher: Saving the Tea Parties from Tom Tancredo…Or From Dick Armey?
Steve Sailer: What Was Karl Rove Thinking? Some Clues From His Autobiography
Gary North: Anti-Gold Conservatives Are Through
Selwyn Duke: The Crusades: When Christendom Pushed Back
Steve Sailer: Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Homicide-Prone Minorities In Los Angeles
Steve Sailer: How Come Tom Edsall Can Talk About The Sailer Strategy And I Can’t?

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Collapse of Detroit

Detroit is in full collapse. People won't buy a house there for practically any price. City leaders are discussing tearing down large portions of the city and turning it into farmland.

Could our health care system collapse, too? Gary North investigates.

The City of Detroit is Dead: It Was Killed by Government

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This update focuses on health care. Obama and the democrats continue to push their health care takeover despite massive opposition from Americans. They have used every dirty trick in the book to get to this point, including massively lying about the fiscal consequences of their plan.

Michelle Malkin: The Deem-o-crats' Towering Deception
Mark Steyn: Welcome to Deemocracy
Doug Bandow: The Real Issue In Health Care: Who Decides?
Ann Coulter: My Healthcare Plan
William Jasper: Global ObamaCare & the “Good Club” Billionaires
James Edwards: TennCare Shows Folly of Government-Run Health Care

See also: Sick in America with John Stossel

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Democrats Boo Mention of Tom George

What wonderful people. At the very mention of moderate Republican Tom George...

The mention of George, the Texas Township Republican who is seeking his party’s nomination for governor, elicited a chorus of boos from members of the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party.
Democratic candidate for governor makes first campaign visit in Kalamazoo: Bernero says mental health and corrections systems need reform

Another Green Scam

Some ideas are so bad that you just know that Western students will vote for them.

Western Michigan University students may pay to go green: Balloting ends today on fee to fund environmental initiatives

KALAMAZOO — Some Western Michigan University students are pushing for a new $8-per-semester fee that would pay for environmental initiatives on campus.

“One of the big issues that gets in the way of making the school more sustainable and having more sustainable projects is a funding issue,” WMU senior Ryan Koziatek said.

Students this week have been voting on the fee that would create a fund to support activities such as waste reduction-projects, “green jobs” for students, and an office of sustainability.

The fee would be a maximum of $24 annually per student — $8 for the fall and spring semesters, and $4 for each of two summer sessions. It would generate an estimated $480,000 a year.
The Student Activities Fee was just increased from $12 to $21 two years ago.

If the fee is approved:
65 percent of the money would be allocated for research initiatives and events related to sustainability.
20 percent would support student positions in an office of sustainability that WMU plans to create.
15 percent would subsidize other student jobs related to environmental improvement.
These 'green jobs' don't produce anything, and in fact destroy real wealth.

The idea for the sustainability fund first surfaced after senior Kaitlyn Shields attended a “Greening of the Campus” conference in Indianapolis in September where she learned that the University of California-Berkeley had a student-supported environmental fund.

Berkeley students, faculty and staff can request grant support from The Green Fund Initiative to do projects.

Students pay a $5-per-semester fee that goes toward the fund, which was created in 2007.
Potential new WMU slogan: Western--Stupider than Berkeley!

Schlafly in Kalamazoo

Conservative hero Phyllis Schlafly is coming to Kalamazoo. She will speak at a Tea Party rally on April 15.

Conservative activist and author to speak at Tax Day Rally in Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo


KALAMAZOO— Conservative political activist Phyllis Schlafly will be the keynote speaker here April 15 when Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots joins groups nationwide for a Tax Day Rally.

Schlafly, a constitutional attorney and author of 21 books as well as a weekly, syndicated column, is known nationally for her opposition to feminism and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Her speech will be part of a 5 p.m. rally in Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo that is scheduled to go on, rain or shine, according to Doug Till, a Tea Party Patriots spokesman.

The rally will be open to the public. There will be no admission charge.

“We expect to be one of hundreds of rallies planned on the deadline day for filing income taxes,” Till said. “All of the groups are connected by their support for lower taxes, smaller government and respect for the Constitution.”

Schlafly is president of the Eagle Forum and the Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo.


Schlafly last visited Kalamazoo to speak at Kalamazoo College in 2007: Phyllis Schlafly Speech.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cox Slams Hoekstra on Spending

A press release from Mike Cox's campaign.


Pete Hoekstra Should Stand By His Record of Out-of-Control Spending
Congressman Needs to Take Responsibility for Support of $850 Billion Wall Street Bailout; Raising the Debt Ceiling; and Supporting Earmarks

LIVONIA, MI— Mike Cox 2010 Campaign Manager Stu Sandler today called on Pete Hoekstra to take responsibility for increasing annual spending by $1 trillion, repeatedly voting to raise the national debt ceiling, voting for the $850 billion Wall Street bailout and voting for earmarks including grants to ACORN, the Bridge to Nowhere, museums and aquariums and hundreds of other pork barrel projects costing taxpayers billions during his 18 years in Congress.

“Michigan families are fed up with the outrageous spending, taxing and borrowing forced on them by Washington, D.C.,” said Sandler. “It is unbelievable that Pete Hoekstra refuses to admit his fault and continues to blame others. Michigan voters deserve to know the truth about Hoekstra’s record on spending and how he is responsible for increasing the national debt by trillions. His inability to commit to a no-tax pledge or release plans for specific spending cuts in state government further shows Pete is committed to bringing Washington’s out-of-control tax and spend practices to Lansing.

Last week, Cox lauded the earmark moratorium committed to by U.S. House Republicans but Cox lamented that the measure was long overdue.

After that moratorium, Hoekstra stated- “The American people are tired of out-of-control government spending, taxing and borrowing.” Hoekstra failed to mention that he supported 12 consecutive federal budgets that increased the budget by over $1 trillion, supported hundreds of earmarks or that he over the last 12 years he cast five votes to raise the debt ceiling, including a 2008 vote to raise the debt ceiling to over $11 trillion. Hoekstra also failed to mention the dozens of individual earmarks he has supported, including an $878,000 earmark in 2007 to support catfish genome research in Alabama, $1 million in 2006 for an aquarium in Connecticut, $200,000 in 2007 for the Lobster Institute in Maine and $250,000 in 2007 for a shellfish research institute in New Jersey.

“Pete Hoekstra is directly responsible for the out-of-control spending in Washington,” Sandler continued. “It is too late for Hoekstra to put the genie back in the bottle. Hoekstra is pretending to be the taxpayers’ best friend, but his rhetoric does not match his record as a trillion dollar spender.”

Mike Cox was the first gubernatorial candidate to take the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) no-tax pledge whereas Pete Hoekstra has refused to take the ATR pledge or commit to not raising taxes.

Cox is the only candidate for Governor to release a comprehensive 92 point plan to put Michigan back to work, including proposals to cut billions of dollars out of the state budget, cut taxes on job providers and families by $2 billion, reform education, make government more transparent and revitalize our cities. The plan is available at

College Textbook Ripoff

Why are college textbooks so expensive? Because they have a captive audience.

College Tuition Is Expensive Enough, Let Alone the Textbooks

Trial Lawyers Hate Republicans

The Gazette reports on 'ratings' of local judges by local trial lawyers.

Trial lawyers rate Kalamazoo County judges

Lawyers rate judges:
Circuit Court: J. Richardson Johnson, 3.47; Gary C. Giguere, 3.32; Alexander C. Lipsey, 2.77; Pamela L. Lightvoet, 2.39.
District Court: Richard A. Santoni, 3.50; Paul J. Bridenstine, 3.35; Anne E. Blatchford, 3.11; Vincent C. Westra, 3.07; Robert C. Kropf, 2.86; Carol A. Husum, 2.02; Julie K. Phillips, 1.89.
Family Court: Stephen D. Gorsalitz, 3.50; Curtis J. Bell, 2.86; Patricia N. Conlon, 2.63.
Probate Court: Donald R. Halstead: 1.99.
The Gazette doesn't mention the partisan slant of these ratings. While judges are officially nonpartisan, they unofficially are usually supported by one party or the other. Lightvoet, Husum, Phillips, Conlon, and Halstead are Republicans. Meanwhile, Giguere is former democrat official, Lipsey is a former democrat state rep., and Bell is a former county democrat chairman. (This blog doesn't know the others' affiliations.)

What a shock that liberal trial lawyers don't like Republican judges. When will criminals come out with their ratings?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

County Commission Votes for Abortion

The county commission voted to preserve funding for abortion in its insurance plan for county employees. The vote was 10-7. Democrat Michael Quinn voted the right way, while Republicans Dave Maturen and Ann Niewenhuis voted the wrong way.

Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners reject abortion resolution on Tuesday night


This update focuses on liberalism.

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Panders to the Feminists
Samuel Blumenfeld: Is Humanism a Religion?
Phyllis Schlafly: Organizing Kids for Obama
Phyllis Schlafly: The Problem Is Government Unions
Don Devine: Putting Unions First
Ann Coulter: Obama's Owned -- You Can Bank On It

Much information on liberal individuals and organizations can be found at David Horowitz's Discover the Network site.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Abortion Vote Tuesday

The Kalamazoo County Commission is expected to vote Tuesday on whether to prohibit funding abortion through the county employees' health plan. The resolution is sponsored by Republican John Zull and democrat Michael Quinn.

The board has nine democrats and eight Republicans. Sources tell this blog that three democrats are supporting the resolution, so it has a decent chance to pass.

Wrongest Statement Ever in the Herald?

"When it comes to making decisions about funding using students’ money, the Western Student Association does not take the responsibility lightly."

WSA throws support behind sustainability fee

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Real Conservative Candidates

Things are looking up for Republicans in 2010. But to avoid a repeat of the policy disasters that caused voters to reject Republicans in 2006 and 2008, Republicans need to make sure that we nominate the right candidates.

We don't need ideologues who are enamored with Utopian ideas like fixing the world by invading other countries or destroying lending standards to win the Hispanic vote. We don't need hacks who call themselves conservative but vote for every big government boondoggle from the No Child Left Behind bill, to the prescription drug entitlement, to the TARP bailout.

We need conservatives who really mean it. What follows are a few candidates who do.

Constitutional Candidates for Congress
Chick Heileson vs. Mike Simpson
Constitution Candidates Expand Across States

Rand Paul [Kentucky Senate]
Dr. Paul is the son of Congressman Ron Paul, the most principled man in Congress. Rand is an ophthalmologist who shares his father's constitutionalist paleolibertarian views. This is his first time running for office. His previous political involvement has included running a Kentucky Taxpayers organization. Polls have shown him leading his Republican primary opponent and both democrats running for the seat being vacated by Republican Jim Bunning.

Peter Schiff [Connecticut Senate]
Schiff is a successful investor who has become famous for predicting our current economic crisis several years before it happened. He was an economic advisor to Ron Paul and is an adherent of the Austrian school of economics. He faces a difficult task to both win the Republican primary and defeat likely democrat nominee Richard Blumenthal, who stepped in after embattled Senator Chris Dodd exited the race.

Roy Moore [Alabama Governor]
Moore is known as the Ten Commandments Judge due to his courageous defense of the Ten Commandments monument in Alabama. He was ultimately unsuccessful and was removed from office for standing up to the federal government. Moore has proven by his actions that he will put principle above political expedience. He is a Christian constitutionalist conservative with an extensive knowledge of America's Founding Fathers. He is seeking the seat being vacated by Governor Bob Riley due to term limits; Moore waged a strong but unsuccessful primary challenge to Riley in 2006.

Pat Toomey [Pennsylvania Senate]
Toomey represented east-central Pennsylvania in Congress 1998-2004, during which time he was a champion of fiscal conservatism. He also became pro-life in office and accumulated a good record on immigration. In 2004, Toomey challenged Republican senator Arlen Specter in the primary, losing by only about 1% after Specter received endorsements from President Bush and Rick Santorum. Toomey went on to lead the Club for Growth for several years, helping to elect a number of fiscal conservative Republicans to office. Now he is again running for Senate, and is the presumptive Republican nominee now that Specter switched to become a democrat.

Marco Rubio [Florida Senate]
Rubio was the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He has taken solid conservative positions on taxes, spending, immigration, and more. Further, as a young, charismatic conservative, he would likely become a star in the Republican party if elected. He is seeking the seat formerly held by Republican Mel Martinez, and held since his resignation by Senator George LeMieux. Rubio's opponent in the primary is Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Crist supported the stimulus plan, increased spending, and appointed several liberal judges. Rubio was initially seen as a longshot, but recent polls have shown him leading Crist. Both lead likely democrat nominee Rep. Kendrick Meek.

Todd Tiahrt [Kansas Senate]
Tiahrt has been a member of Congress representing the Wichita area since 1994. He has been consistently conservative. He is known for the Tiahrt amendment to protect gun data from misuse. He was one of very few Republican congressmen to vote against the medicare prescription drug bill and its multi-trillion dollar liability. (In fairness, so did his opponent.) His opponent in the primary is Rep. Jerry Moran, who has a reputation for vacillation and has not championed conservative causes. No credible democrat is seeking the seat being vacated by Senator Sam Brownback to run for governor.

John Hostettler [Indiana Senate]
Hostettler represented southwestern Indiana in Congress 1994-2006. He was a leading opponent of illegal immigration who helped to stop President Bush's amnesty plan in 2006. He also opposed the Medicare Prescription drug program and compiled a staunchly conservative record. He faces a contested primary with former senator Dan Coats, who supported the assault weapons ban, and several other candidates. The seat is being vacated by Senator Evan Bayh, who suddenly decided to retire shortly before the filing deadline. The likely democrat nominee is now Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who replaced Hostettler in 2006.
Bye-bye Bayh And Amnesty. Hello Hostettler And Immigration Moratorium?

Randy Brogdon [Oklahoma Governor]
Brogdon has been a state senator in Oklahoma since 2002. He led the effort to pass a bill to cut off government subsidies to illegal immigrants in Oklahoma. He also led efforts to oppose the extension of the proposed Trans Texas Corridor into Oklahoma. He has sponsored several gun rights bills and has complied a staunchly conservative record. He faces congresswoman Mary Fallin in the primary. Several democrats are seeking the governorship being vacated by democrat Brad Henry due to term limits.

Chuck DeVore [California Senate]

Devore is a conservative state assemblyman who previously served in the military and worked in business. He championed many conservative causes including producing more energy through nuclear plants and offshore drilling. He has written regularly for Human Events. He faces Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell in the primary. They are seeking to oppose ultraliberal democrat Senator Barbara Boxer in the general election.

J. D. Hayworth [Arizona Senate]
Hayworth was a congressman 1994-2006. Both before and since he was a conservative radio talk show host in Arizona. He was a staunch opponent of illegal immigration in Congress. He compiled a 97% ACU rating across the board. He is seeking to topple Senator John McCain in the primary. McCain has championed many liberal causes including amnesty for illegal aliens, cap-and-trade, campaign finance reform, banning gun shows, and John Edwards' 'patients bill of rights' to benefit trial lawyers.

Arizona Armageddon: J.D. Hayworth’s Challenge To John (“McAmnesty”) McCain


This update focuses on government.

Gary North: Power to the People
Ron Paul: If Ron Paul Were President
Mark Steyn: Our Own Greek Tragedy
Gary North: The Fed Is Trapped
Charles Scaliger: Bailout Baloney - Banking
Joe Wolverton: State vs. Federal: The Nullification Movement
Gary North: Where’s All That Gold?
Terry Easton: 10 Steps to Fix the U.S. Financial Crisis
Patrick Krey: State vs. Federal: The Nullification Movement
Joe Wolverton: Signing Statements & Executive Orders: Obama's Tyrannical Tack
William Hoar: Scheme to Nationalize Student-loan Industry
William Hoar: Foreign Handouts: More Harm Than Good
Donald Lambro: Obama's Expensive Train Set
Gary North: Not Planning To Retire, Are You?

POLITICAL UPDATES are archived here.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jack for Congress?

Former state rep. Jack Hoogendyk is considering running for Congress against Fred Upton.

Jack Hoogendyk hints at challenge to Fred Upton: Tea Party members are recruiting the conservative Republican

Many of the comments on the article sound like they were written by Upton staffers. One even uses the slogan that Upton used in 2002 when he was last challenged in the primary: "Why switch a strong horse in the middle of the race?" (What does that mean? You should always vote for any incumbent? Upton himself came to office in a primary challenge.)

Even more suspicious is how the comments go on and on about how conservative Upton is. But his biggest appeal has been to moderates because he often doesn't vote conservative.

Balkema Out, Gisler In?

Jeff Balkema is retiring from the county commission.

County commissioner Jeff Balkema won't run again; Republican John Gisler has filed to fill the seat

John Gisler, a spokesman for the local taxpayers' group, will run as a Republican.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

County Abortion Funding

County commissioners John Zull and Michael Quinn want to eliminate abortion funding for county employees.

Two Kalamazoo County commissioners want abortion insurance coverage removed for 900 employees, their family members

Zull is a Republican and Quinn is a democrat. (Along with the arena tax, this is another issue for which Quinn deserves credit.)

Will all the 'pro-choice' people support the taxpayers' 'right to choose' not to have their money taken to fund abortion?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Hoekstra on the Bailout

One of the chief impediments for conservatives considering supporting Congressman Pete Hoekstra for Governor this year is his vote in 2008 for the bank bailout. Hoekstra's conduct was particularly troubling, as he voted against the bill initially.

After the bill lost in the House, it was modified (made worse) and was passed after the executive branch applied more pressure to Congress. (Several members of Congress have stated that Hank Paulsen, then-Treasuy Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO threatened that martial law would be declared if the bill didn't pass.)

Hoekstra voted for the bill the second time.

Since then, we have seen that the bailout was used to funnel billions to politically connected firms such as Goldman Sachs and to coerce banks that didn't even want money to accept government control.

So what does Hoekstra say in retrospect? He addressed the question in a recent debate.

Darn Good Debate

But then the sharp contrasts emerged.
The federal bail out for the banks.
Cox would have voted no.
Hoekstra voted yes saying he had no choice because "no one knew what would happen" if we did nothing. "It saved the financial system," argues.
Cox who did not have to vote said the bail out was wrong regardless of what the consequences might have been.
Hoekstra was also asked about the bailout at a recent Tea Party event.

Unfortunately, this video cuts off Hoekstra's answer about a quarter of the way through. The video was produced by Ben Padnos, who has ties to Rick Snyder's campaign.

Jack Hoogendyk summarizes Hoekstra's answer thus:

One of the questions he was asked was whether he regretted his decision to vote for the bailout. His complete answer, paraphrased, was that he could defend it based on what he knew at the time and how essential he felt it was, but that looking back from where we are today and how the money was misused, he regrets it.
Hit and Run, Below-the-Belt Politics

Hardiman Will Run

State Senator Bill Hardiman has announced that he will run for the 3rd district seat in Congress.

Republican state Sen. Bill Hardiman to run for Vern Ehlers' Congressional seat

This is bad news:

"West Michigan has a history of sending conservative, thoughtful representatives to Congress such as President Ford, Paul Henry and Vern Ehlers," Hardiman said. "They carried themselves with dignity and integrity. I'm a thoughtful conservative and am excited about running for this seat."
Hardiman seems to be using 'thoughtful' as a synonym for 'not'. None of Ford, Henry, or Ehlers were conservative. Ehlers has a sorry lifetime 70% rating from the American Conservative Union. Henry's lifetime ACU rating is an even worse 61%. Ford may be an icon in Grand Rapids, but there's a reason Ronald Reagan ran against him in 1976. For example, Ford remained proud of his appointment of John Paul Stevens to the Supreme Court.

Justin Amash is looking better and better in this race.