Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jack for Congress?

Former state rep. Jack Hoogendyk is considering running for Congress against Fred Upton.

Jack Hoogendyk hints at challenge to Fred Upton: Tea Party members are recruiting the conservative Republican

Many of the comments on the article sound like they were written by Upton staffers. One even uses the slogan that Upton used in 2002 when he was last challenged in the primary: "Why switch a strong horse in the middle of the race?" (What does that mean? You should always vote for any incumbent? Upton himself came to office in a primary challenge.)

Even more suspicious is how the comments go on and on about how conservative Upton is. But his biggest appeal has been to moderates because he often doesn't vote conservative.

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Elliot said...

From what I've read: Fred Upton is in favor of embryonic stem cell research. He also voted to reverse the Hyde amendment and allow federal funds to be given to abortion providers overseas.