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Real Conservative Candidates

Things are looking up for Republicans in 2010. But to avoid a repeat of the policy disasters that caused voters to reject Republicans in 2006 and 2008, Republicans need to make sure that we nominate the right candidates.

We don't need ideologues who are enamored with Utopian ideas like fixing the world by invading other countries or destroying lending standards to win the Hispanic vote. We don't need hacks who call themselves conservative but vote for every big government boondoggle from the No Child Left Behind bill, to the prescription drug entitlement, to the TARP bailout.

We need conservatives who really mean it. What follows are a few candidates who do.

Constitutional Candidates for Congress
Chick Heileson vs. Mike Simpson
Constitution Candidates Expand Across States

Rand Paul [Kentucky Senate]
Dr. Paul is the son of Congressman Ron Paul, the most principled man in Congress. Rand is an ophthalmologist who shares his father's constitutionalist paleolibertarian views. This is his first time running for office. His previous political involvement has included running a Kentucky Taxpayers organization. Polls have shown him leading his Republican primary opponent and both democrats running for the seat being vacated by Republican Jim Bunning.

Peter Schiff [Connecticut Senate]
Schiff is a successful investor who has become famous for predicting our current economic crisis several years before it happened. He was an economic advisor to Ron Paul and is an adherent of the Austrian school of economics. He faces a difficult task to both win the Republican primary and defeat likely democrat nominee Richard Blumenthal, who stepped in after embattled Senator Chris Dodd exited the race.

Roy Moore [Alabama Governor]
Moore is known as the Ten Commandments Judge due to his courageous defense of the Ten Commandments monument in Alabama. He was ultimately unsuccessful and was removed from office for standing up to the federal government. Moore has proven by his actions that he will put principle above political expedience. He is a Christian constitutionalist conservative with an extensive knowledge of America's Founding Fathers. He is seeking the seat being vacated by Governor Bob Riley due to term limits; Moore waged a strong but unsuccessful primary challenge to Riley in 2006.

Pat Toomey [Pennsylvania Senate]
Toomey represented east-central Pennsylvania in Congress 1998-2004, during which time he was a champion of fiscal conservatism. He also became pro-life in office and accumulated a good record on immigration. In 2004, Toomey challenged Republican senator Arlen Specter in the primary, losing by only about 1% after Specter received endorsements from President Bush and Rick Santorum. Toomey went on to lead the Club for Growth for several years, helping to elect a number of fiscal conservative Republicans to office. Now he is again running for Senate, and is the presumptive Republican nominee now that Specter switched to become a democrat.

Marco Rubio [Florida Senate]
Rubio was the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He has taken solid conservative positions on taxes, spending, immigration, and more. Further, as a young, charismatic conservative, he would likely become a star in the Republican party if elected. He is seeking the seat formerly held by Republican Mel Martinez, and held since his resignation by Senator George LeMieux. Rubio's opponent in the primary is Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Crist supported the stimulus plan, increased spending, and appointed several liberal judges. Rubio was initially seen as a longshot, but recent polls have shown him leading Crist. Both lead likely democrat nominee Rep. Kendrick Meek.

Todd Tiahrt [Kansas Senate]
Tiahrt has been a member of Congress representing the Wichita area since 1994. He has been consistently conservative. He is known for the Tiahrt amendment to protect gun data from misuse. He was one of very few Republican congressmen to vote against the medicare prescription drug bill and its multi-trillion dollar liability. (In fairness, so did his opponent.) His opponent in the primary is Rep. Jerry Moran, who has a reputation for vacillation and has not championed conservative causes. No credible democrat is seeking the seat being vacated by Senator Sam Brownback to run for governor.

John Hostettler [Indiana Senate]
Hostettler represented southwestern Indiana in Congress 1994-2006. He was a leading opponent of illegal immigration who helped to stop President Bush's amnesty plan in 2006. He also opposed the Medicare Prescription drug program and compiled a staunchly conservative record. He faces a contested primary with former senator Dan Coats, who supported the assault weapons ban, and several other candidates. The seat is being vacated by Senator Evan Bayh, who suddenly decided to retire shortly before the filing deadline. The likely democrat nominee is now Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who replaced Hostettler in 2006.
Bye-bye Bayh And Amnesty. Hello Hostettler And Immigration Moratorium?

Randy Brogdon [Oklahoma Governor]
Brogdon has been a state senator in Oklahoma since 2002. He led the effort to pass a bill to cut off government subsidies to illegal immigrants in Oklahoma. He also led efforts to oppose the extension of the proposed Trans Texas Corridor into Oklahoma. He has sponsored several gun rights bills and has complied a staunchly conservative record. He faces congresswoman Mary Fallin in the primary. Several democrats are seeking the governorship being vacated by democrat Brad Henry due to term limits.

Chuck DeVore [California Senate]

Devore is a conservative state assemblyman who previously served in the military and worked in business. He championed many conservative causes including producing more energy through nuclear plants and offshore drilling. He has written regularly for Human Events. He faces Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell in the primary. They are seeking to oppose ultraliberal democrat Senator Barbara Boxer in the general election.

J. D. Hayworth [Arizona Senate]
Hayworth was a congressman 1994-2006. Both before and since he was a conservative radio talk show host in Arizona. He was a staunch opponent of illegal immigration in Congress. He compiled a 97% ACU rating across the board. He is seeking to topple Senator John McCain in the primary. McCain has championed many liberal causes including amnesty for illegal aliens, cap-and-trade, campaign finance reform, banning gun shows, and John Edwards' 'patients bill of rights' to benefit trial lawyers.

Arizona Armageddon: J.D. Hayworth’s Challenge To John (“McAmnesty”) McCain

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