Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rocky Leading Peters?

A new poll by the Rossman Group has Rocky Raczkowski leading Congressman Gary Peters in the 9th Congressional district. This is a surprise as Rocky has not been considered a top-tier candidate and the race has not attracted as much attention as the 1st or 7th districts.

U.S. Rep. Peters trails in latest tracking poll

45% Raczkowski
41% Peters
10% Undecided

They also polled the statewide races.

51% Snyder
32% Bernero
17% Undecided

Attorney General
40% Scheutte
31% Leyton
29% Undecided

Secretary of State
42% Johnson
28% Benson
30% Undecided


The Detroit Free Press also has a new poll.

Poll shows Snyder has widening lead over Bernero at 53% to 29%

53% Snyder
29% Bernero
15% Undecided

Attorney General
39% Scheutte
25% Leyton
31% Undecided

Secretary of State
31% Johnson
25% Benson
39% Undecided

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Republicans Lead Michigan Races

Recent polls show good news for Michigan Republicans.

Poll: Snyder keeps lead on Bernero, with few undecided
Schuette leads for AG; Johnson in Secretary of State race
Mash-up in Michigan

56% Snyder
36% Bernero
_8% Undecided

Attorney General:
43% Scheutte
34% Leyton
22% Undecided

Secretary of State:
43% Johnson
31% Benson
24% Undecided

Supreme Court:
21% Robert Young
16% Denise Langford Morris
61% Undecided

22% Mary Beth Kelly
14% Alton Davis
61% Undecided

(It isn't clear why these races were separated, as they appear together on the November ballot. It also isn't clear if they identified the incumbents as such.)

Proposal 1 (Constitutional Convention):
35% Yes
39% No
26% Undecided

Proposal 2 (Ban felons from office):
72% Yes
15% No
12% Undecided

MI Congressional Races:
District 1:
45% Benishek
29% McDowell

District 3:
51% Amash
30% Miles

District 7:
45% Walberg
37% Schauer

50% Walberg
40% Schauer

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

Remembering September 11

9/11 and Immigration
College Republicans of WMU honor the victims of 9/11 in a tribute of 2,997 flags
Notes from the Chairman

2010 Election Preview

The primary elections and state party conventions for 2010 have passed. Michigan's top constitutional offices, congressional seats, and the entire state legislature will be up for election next November. This article may be updated as the election approaches.

2010 Official Michigan General Candidate Listing

Governor-Leans Republican
Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm is term-limited. She is fairly unpopular due to the state of Michigan's economy on her watch. Republicans have a good chance of picking up this seat.

On the democrat side, Lieutenant Governor John Cherry was seen as the clear favorite, but dropped out due to the widespread perception that he could not win the general election. The democrat candidate is Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, formerly a state senator and representative. Bernero is backed by labor unions and 'progressives'. His running mate is Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, a member of the anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

The Republican nominee is Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder. Snyder is a moderate who is not pro-life. His positions on many issues are unclear. He won the primary with strong support from independent voters. His running mate is state rep. Brian Calley, a conservative.

See also:
Rick Snyder's Ten Platitudes
Granholm's Third Term
Virg Bernero: Career Politician

Attorney General-Leans Republican
Current Republican Attorney General Mike Cox is term limited. Both parties nominated candidates at conventions in August. Democrats chose Genessee County Prosecutor David Leyton to be their nominee.

The Republican candidate is former Michigan Court of Appeals Judge, state senator, and congressman Bill Scheutte from the Midland area. Both Scheute is generally considered conservative.

Secretary of State-Leans Republican
Current Republican Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is term limited. WSU law professor Jocelyn Bensen is the democrat nominee. She is a radical leftist who has worked for many leftist organizations including the Southern Poverty Law Center and NAACP.

The Republican nominee is Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson. She is a conservative and former state representative. She helped to expose the fake tea party scandal in Oakland County.

Michigan Supreme Court
There are two seats up for election on the Michigan Supreme Court. They are those of conservative Republican Robert Young and renegade moderate Republican Elizabeth Weaver. Young is running for reelection. Weaver announced for reelection as an independent, then resigned allowing Governor Granholm to appoint as her successor democrat Alton Davis, who will run as an incumbent.

Republicans also nominated Wayne County judge Mary Beth Kelly and democrats nominated Oakland County judge Denise Langford Morris.

See also: Weaver's Betrayal

Other Statewide Offices
State Board of Education
Republicans: Eileen Weiser, Dr. Richard Zeile
Democrats: Elizabeth Bauer, Lupe Ramos-Montigny

U os M Board of Regents
Republicans: Andrea Fischer Newman, Andrew Richner
Democrats: Paul Brown, Greg Stephens

MSU Board of Trestees
Republicans: Mitch Lyons, Brian Breslin
Democrats: Dennis Denno, Colleen McNamara

WSU Board of Governors
Republicans: Diane Dunakiss, Danielle Karmanos
Democrats: Ed Bruley, Brenda Moon

Democrats have swept the education board elections in 2006 and 2008.

Michigan Congressional Seats
Democrats picked up two Michigan congressional districts in 2008. These will be highly contested seats in 2010. Long-time incumbents Bart Stupak, Pete Hoekstra, and Vern Ehlers are retiring, and Carolyn Kilpatrick was defeated by state senator Hansen Clarke in the democrat primary. Most other seats will be safe for the incumbent party.

1st District (Upper Peninsula, Northern Lower Peninsula) Toss-up.
Democrat Bart Stupak announced his retirement shortly after voting for Obamacare. While Stupak held this seat for 18 years, it is politically competitive and has been won by Republicans in the past. The democrat nominee will be state rep. Gary McDowell, who is nominally pro-life and pro-gun, after democrats forced all the other candidates (Joel Sheltrown, Connie Saltonstall, Matt Gillard) out of the race. The Republican nominee is Doctor Dan Benishek, who beat state senator Jason Allen by 15 votes in the primary. The district is ideologically ideosyncratic and highly competitive.

3rd District (Kent County) Safe Republican.
Republican moderate Vern Ehlers is retiring. The Republican nominee is conservative state rep. and Tea Party favorite Justin Amash. Democrats nominated Pat Miles for this seat.

6th District (Kalamazoo/St. Joseph) Safe Republican.
Moderate Republican Fred Upton is running for a 13th term. He overcame a surprisingly strong challenge by staunch conservative former state rep. Jack Hoogendyk, who won 43% in the primary. The democrat candidate will be leftist Kalamazoo City Commissioner Don Cooney, who lost to Upton in 2008 by over 20%. There will also be several third party candidates.

7th District (Battle Creek/Jackson) Leans Republican.
Democrat Mark Schauer very narrowly defeated Republican Congressman Tim Walberg 49-46 in a hard-fought and bitter race in 2008. In 2009, Republicans picked up the senate seat that Schauer vacated by a landslide 61-34 margin. Now Walberg is seeking to reclaim his seat, and easily won the nomination again. Schauer has compiled a highly liberal voting record in Washington, supporting socialized medicine, cap-and-trade, the Obama stimulus plan, and more. Several polls have shown Walberg to be the favorite.

9th District (eastern Oakland County) Leans Democrat.
Democrat Gary Peters won this seat by defeating Republican Joe Knollenberg by a wide margin. The Republican nominee is former state rep. Rocky Rachowski.

15th District (Downriver, Ann Arbor, Monroe County) Safe Democrat.
Democrat John Dingell, a 55-year incumbent, is facing a stronger than usual challenge from Republican Dr. Rob Steele. One poll showed the race with 9 points.

Michigan Senate
All 38 seats in the Michigan state senate are up for election, and 29 have no incumbent due to term limits. Republicans succently hold a 22-16 advantage after winning a 2009 special election to replace Mark Schauer. Democrats will likely target Republican-held seats in Kalamazoo County, Grand Rapids, the northeastern lower peninsula, Muskegon County, and western Wayne County. Republicans will target democrat-held seats in southern Genessee County, the Upper Peninsula, the Thumb, central Macomb county, and Livonia.

Michigan Senate Races

20th District-Leans Republican
This district includes all of Kalamazoo County and a small part of VanBuren county. Republican Senator Tom George is leaving due to term limits. There are contested races on both sides. On the democrat side, state Rep. Robert Jones of Kalamazoo is the nominee. He is a liberal who supported several gay rights measures and pushed a bill to allow a tax increase for the Kalamazoo arena proposal.

On the Republican side, the nominee is state rep. Tonya Schuitmaker, who has represented about 30,000 people in the 21st district in VanBuren County since 2004. She is moderate to conservative. Schuitmaker opposed making English the official language of Michigan and voted to ban smoking in restaurants and bars.

The state senate seats surrounding Kalamazoo County are safely Republican. Mike Nofs should easily hold the 19th district [Calhoun, Jackson Counties] while the seats vacated by Cameron Brown [St. Joseph, Branch, Hillsdale, Lenewaee Counties], Ron Jelenik [Berrien, VanBuren, Cass Counties] and Patty Birkholz [Allegan, Barry, Eaton Counties] should stay Republican.

Michigan House
All 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives are up for election. Democrats currently have a 67-43 majority. Republicans will likely target a number of seats that they lost over the past three cycles. 52 seats are open due to term limits or candidates running for other offices.

Area State House Races

The above post examines local state house races in greater detail. Most local state house races are not especially competitive.

Kalamazoo County Commission
All 17 seats on the Kalamazoo County Commission will be up for election. Democrats hold a 9-8 edge. Republicans will target the seat of democrat John Niewenhuis in Oshtemo Township, who lost in the primary, and Michael Quinn in central Portage. Democrats may target Ann Niewenhuis in Comstock Township and Nasim Ansari in northern Portage. The races are examined in greater detail in the following post.

Kalamazoo County Commission Races

Friday, September 10, 2010

Michigan Senate Races

All 38 seats in the Michigan Senate are up for election in 2010. The majority of current senators are term-limited. Republicans currently have a 22-16 majority, and have controlled the senate for the past 25 years.

2010 Official Michigan General Candidate Listing
Republican Michigander district profiles (see sidebar)

1. [eastern Detroit] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Hansen Clarke (term-limited, defeated Congressional incumbent Carolyn Kilpatrick)
Democrat: Coleman Young
Republican: Dakeisha Harwick
Analysis: Young is a current state rep. and the young son of the late race-baiting mayor of Detroit.

2. [northern Detroit, Grosse Pointes] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Martha Scott (term-limited)
Democrat: Bert Johnson
Republican: John Chouinard
Analysis: Johnson is a current state rep and also a convicted criminal.

3. [central Detroit, Dearborn] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Irma Clark-Coleman (term-limited)
Democrat: Morris Hood
Republican: Doug Mitchell
Analysis: Hood is a state rep.

4. [central Detroit] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Buzz Thomas (term-limited)
Democrats: Virgil Smith
Republican: Frederick Robinson
Analysis: Smith is a current or former state rep.

5. [western Detroit] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Tupak Hunter (running for reelection)
Democrat: Tupak Hunter
Republican: Bonnie Patrick
Analysis: None

6. [Livonia, Westland, Redford] Leans democrat.
Incumbent: Glenn Andersen (running for reelection)
Democrat: Glenn Andersen
Republican: John Pastor
Analysis: This district was drawn to lean Republican. Andersen defeated Republican senator Laura Toy in 2006. Pastor is a former state rep. from Livonia. Pastor has only raised a few thousand dollars, compared to hundreds of thousands for Andersen.

7. [western, southern Wayne County] Toss-up.
Incumbent: Bruce Patterson (term-limited)
Democrat: Kathleen Law
Republican: Patrick Colbeck
Independent: John Stewart
Analysis: This Republican district is highly vulnerable. Law is a former state rep. from the southern tier of the district. Colbeck is a tea party candidate endorsed by Right to Life. Fundraising in this district is competitive. Stewart is a liberal former Republican state rep. from the Northville/Plymouth area.

8. [downriver Detroit suburbs] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Ray Basham (term-limited)
Democrat: Hoon-Yung Hopgood
Republican: Ken Larkin
Analysis: Hopgood is a former state rep.

9. [southern Macomb County] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Dennis Olshove (term-limited)
Democrat: Steven Bieda
Republican: Michael Ennis
Analysis: Bieda is a current or former state rep.

10. [central Macomb County] Toss-up.
Incumbent: Mickey Switalski (term-limited, ran for Congress against incumbent Sander Levin)
Democrat: Paul Gieleghem
Republican: Tory Rocca
Analysis: Rocca is a state rep. from Sterling Heights, Gielegham is a Macomb County commissioner and former state rep. This race should be highly competitive. Rocca has had decent fundraising, while Gieleghem spent his money in a competitive primary.

11. [northern Macomb County] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Alan Sanborn (term-limited)
Democrat: Jim Ayers
Republican: Jack Brandenburg
Analysis: Brandenburg is a former state rep. He is a conservative who did not represent much of the district.

12. [northeastern Oakland County] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Mike Bishop (term-limited, ran for Attorney General)
Democrat: Cassandra Ulbrich
Republican: Jim Marleau
Analysis: Marleau is a former state rep.

13. [Troy, Royal Oak, Bloomfield] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: John Pappageorge (running for reelection)
Democrat: Aaron Bailey
Republican: John Pappageorge
Analysis: This district was hotly contested in 2006, with Pappageorge narrowly defeating Andy Levin. This year, democrats failed to find a strong candidate.

14. [southeastern Oakland County] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Gilda Jacobs (term-limited)
Democrat: Vincent Gregory
Republicans: Michael Peters
Analysis: Gregory is a current state rep.

15. [southwestern Oakland County] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Nancy Cassis (term-limited)
Democrats: Pam Jackson
Republicans: Mike Kowall
Analysis: Kowall is a former state rep.

16. [Lenewaee, Hillsdale, Branch, St. Joseph Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Cameron Brown (term-limited, ran for Secretary of State)
Democrat: Doug Spade
Republican: Bruce Caswell
Analysis: Both are current or former state reps.

17. [Monroe, parts of Washtenaw and Jackson Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Randy Richardville (running for reelection)
Democrat: John Spencer
Republican: Randy Richardville
Analysis: This district is competitive in principle, but democrats failed to recruit a strong candidate.

18. [Washtenaw County] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Liz Brater (term-limited)
Democrat: Rebekah Warren
Republican: John Hochstetler
Analysis: Warren is a state rep.

19. [Calhoun, Jackson Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Mike Nofs (running for reelection)
Democrat: Brenda Abbey
Republican: Mike Nofs
Analysis: This seat was held by democrat Mark Schauer until he left for Congress. Nofs won a special election overwhelmingly of Martin Griffin in 2009. Democrats did not recruit a credible candidate this time.

20. [Kalamazoo County] Leans Republican.
Incumbent: Tom George (term-limited, ran for Governor)
Democrat: Robert Jones
Republican: Tonya Schuitmaker
Analysis: George won a close reelection in 2006 over Alexander Lipsey. Jones is a popular state rep and former mayor of Kalamazoo. He is a liberal. Schuitmaker is a state rep. who represents a small part of VanBuren County. She is moderate to conservative. Both spent most of their money in competitive primaries, but Tonya was a stronger fundraiser. Kalamazoo city democrats often have difficulty in the rest of the county. A good Republican year should be enough to overcome Tonya's geographical disadvantage.

21. [Berrien, Cass, VanBuren Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Ron Jelenek (term-limited)
Democrat: Scott Elliott
Republican: John Proos
Analysis: Proos is a state rep. and former staffer for Congressman Fred Upton.

22. [Livingston, Shiawassee Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Valde Garcia (term-limited)
Democrat: Chuck Fellows
Republican: Joe Hune
Analysis: Hune is a state rep.

23. [northeastern Oakland County] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: Gretchen Whitmer (running for reelection)
Democrat: Gretchen Whitmer
Republican: Kyle Haubrich
Analysis: Whitmer dropped out of the race for Attorney General.

24. [Allegan, Barry, Eaton Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Patty Birkholz (term-limited)
Democrat: Michelle DiSano
Republican: Rick Jones
Analysis: Jones is a state rep. from Eaton County.

25. [St. Clair, Lapeer Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Jud Gilbert (term-limited)
Democrat: John Nugent
Republican: Phil Pavlov
Analysis: Pavlov is a current or former state rep.

26. [eastern Genessee, northwest Oakland Counties] Toss-up.
Incumbent: Deb Cherry (term-limited)
Democrat: Paula Zelenko
Republican: David Robertson
Analysis: Zelenko and Robertson are former state reps. Robertson is a strong conservative. Robertson has had strong fundraising, but spent his money in the primary. This seat was competitive in 2002 despite Republicans not devoting any attention to it.

27. [Flint, western Genessee County] Safe democrat.
Incumbent: John Gleason (running for reelection)
Democrat: John Gleason
Republican: Vernon Molnar
Analysis: Gleason is safe.

28. [Kent County outside Grand Rapids] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Mark Jansen (running for reelection)
Democrat: Robin Golden
Republican: Mark Jansen
Analysis: None.

29. [Grand Rapids, Kentwood] Toss-up.
Incumbent: Bill Hardiman (term-limited, ran for Congress)
Democrat: Dave LaGrand
Republican: Dave Hildenbrand
Analysis: Hildenbrand is a state rep from Lowell, while LaGrand was a Grand Rapids city commissioner. Hildenbrand has a fundraising advantage, while LaGrand has a geographic advantage.

30. [Ottowa County] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Wayne Kuipers (term-limited, ran for Congress)
Democrat: John Chester
Republican: Arlan Meekhof
Analysis: Meekhof is a state rep.

31. [the Thumb] Leans democrat.
Incumbent: Jim Barcia (term-limited)
Democrat: Jeff Mayes
Republican: Mike Green
Analysis: Mayes is a state rep. from Bay County. Green lost to Barcia, a former congressman, in 2002. Mayes has a strong fundraising advantage. Green sponsored the concealed carry bill when he was in the state house.

32. [Saginaw, Gratiot Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Roger Khan (running for reelection)
Democrat: Debasish Mridha
Republican: Roger Khan
Analysis: Democrats failed to recruit a strong candidate against Khan, who won a nail-biter in 2006.

33. [Clinton, Ionia, Montcalm, Isabella Counties] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Alan Cropsey (term-limited)
Democrat: James Hoisington
Republican: Judy Emmons
Analysis: Emmons was appointed to replace state rep. Brian Calley, who was selected to be Rick Snyder's running mate for Lieutenant Governor. She is a former state rep. from Montcalm County.

34. [Muskegon County] Toss-up.
Incumbent: Gerald VanWoerkem (term-limited)
Democrat: Mary Valentine
Republican: Geoff Hansen
Analysis: Both are state reps. This seat has been quite competitive in past elections. Hansen has a fundraising advantage, while Valentine has a geographic advantage.

35. [north-central lower peninsula] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Michelle McManus (term-limited, running for Secretary of State)
Democrat: Roger Dunigan
Republican: Darwin Booher
Analysis: Booher is a state rep.

36. [northeastern lower peninsula, Midland] Toss-up.
Incumbent: Tony Stamas (term-limited)
Democrat: Andy Neumann
Republican: John Moolenaar
Analysis: Neumann narrowly lost a race to the incumbent in 2002. Both candidates are state reps. Moolenaar has a large fundraising advantage.

37. [northern lower peninsula, eastern upper peninsula] Safe Republican.
Incumbent: Jason Allen (term-limited, ran for Congress)
Democrat: Bob Carr
Republican: Howard Walker
Analysis: Walker is a state rep.

38. [Upper Peninsula] Leans democrat.
Incumbent: Mike Prusi (term-limited)
Democrat: Michael Lahti
Republicans: Tom Casperson
Analysis: Lahti is a state rep. Casperson is a former state rep. who lost to Congressman Bart Stupak in 2008. Casperson has a fundraising advatage.

Summary of Ratings:
Safe democrat: 11
Leans democrat: 3
Toss-up: 6
Lean Republican: 1
Safe Republican: 17

Kalamazoo County Commission Races

The nominees for Kalamazoo County Commission were decided in the August primary. Here we examine the contested races. Democrats currently control the board 9-8. To win back control, Republicans will have to hold all the seats that lean Republican while picking up at least one of the two competitive seats that are held by democrats.

Note that some ratings have change since the primary.

Unofficial Candidates List for August 3, 2010 Primary

Many races are uncontested. No Republicans filed for districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. No democrats filed for districts 8 or 14. Democrat Michael Seals defeated incumbent democrat Franklin Thompson in district 6.

7. [Milwood area] Safe democrat.
Incumbent David Buskirk is being challenged by Republican Kai Phillips. Buskirk is a long-time popular incumbent, and is safe here. Phillips ran unsuccessfully for Kalamazoo City Commission last year.

9. [northern Portage] Leans Republican.
Incumbent Republican Nasim Ansari is being challenged by democrat Chuck Vliek. Ansari, a veteran of the County Commission and Portage City Council, was first elected with 67% of the vote in 2002. However, he has faced closer elections since then, dropping to 52% in 2008. Vliek is the son of longtime Portage City Council member Ted Vliek.

10. [central Portage] Leans Republican.
Incumbent democrat Michael Quinn is being challenged by Republican Phil Stinchcomb. Quinn was elected in 2008 by defeating former Portage Mayor James Graham, who did almost no campaigning. Republican Tom Drabik was retiring. Quinn opposed the arena proposal and cosponsored a measure that would have prevented abortion funding, which may alienate some democrats. Stinchcomb is a conservative Republican who ran unsuccessfully for Portage City Council last year.

11. [Texas Township] Safe Republican.
Republican Tim Rogowski is seeking a full term after recently being appointed to fill the seat of the late Grady Biby. Democrat Barbara Hammon is also seeking this seat, which is the most Republican in the county.

12. [Oshtemo Township] Leans Republican.
Democrat incumbent John Nieuwenhuis was defeated in the democrat primary by Oshtemo Township Trustee Scott McCormick. He received on 30% in a three-way race. Nieuwenhuis defeated incumbent Republican Bob Brink, who did little campaigning, in 2006 and held off Republican Chris Haenicke in 2008. McCormick did no visible campaigning in 2008 and was elected purely based on straight-ticket voting. He is a leftist who cites ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich as his political role models. The Republican nominee will be Brandt Iden.

13. [Cooper and Alamo Townships, Parchment] Safe Republican.
Incumbent Republican Deb Buchholtz faces democrat Harvey Hanna.

15. [Comstock Township] Leans Republican.
Incumbent Republican Ann Nieuwenshuis faces democrat Leroy Crabtree, who she unseated in 2008. Nieuwenhuis, a moderate Republican, opposed the arena while supporting abortion funding. She was one of very few Republicans in the state to unseat an incumbent democrat in 2008. Crabtree, a moderate union democrat, unseated Republican Joe VanBruggen in 2006.

16. [Pavillion, Climax, Fulton Townships] Leans Republican.
Incumbent Jeff Balkema is retiring. Republicans nominated John Gisler, a leader of a local taxpayers group. Thomas Post, who ran several close-but-losing races against Balkema, will be the democrat nominee.

17. [Brady, Schoolcraft, Priare Ronde Townships] Safe Republican.
Incumbent moderate Republican David Maturen faces democrat Jerry Rudolph.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Political Extortion

An article in the Lansing State Journal explains how MSU Trustee was ousted at the state convention.

GOP faction worked to oust MSU trustee from place on ticket

Conflicting stories
There is a back story to this that is unprovable, a case of conflicting accounts of a private conversation, but part of the picture nonetheless.

In March, Nugent told the MIRS newsletter that Chuck Yob, former member of the Republican National Committee and a consultant for Strategic National Campaign Management, the Grand Rapids firm run by his son, John, came to him with a proposition. Yob would work for Nugent's campaign for $5,000 a month. If Nugent wasn't interested, Yob would find somebody to run against him.

"The conversation never happened as described," Yob said in an e-mail Tuesday. "It is unfortunate that it has been so mischaracterized. Whether this was done in an effort to build support within the establishment of the Party, I do not know, but it seems to have backfired."

But, as it happened, Lyons did hire Strategic National to manage his campaign, but said that it wasn't Yob who asked him to run.

"I wouldn't have run under those circumstances," he said. "I'm my own man. There is too much involved in a statewide campaign."

Votes 'out of step'
Voorheis said he is "just someone who believes in Mitch."

Glenn said he got the information on Nugent from a young Republican activist and former party vice-chairman named Matt Hall, who circulated an e-mail of his own.

Hall said he considers John Yob a friend, and did give $25 to Lyons' campaign, but said he has no formal or informal affiliation with that campaign.

He said in an e-mail that he went after Nugent because he "voted with the Democrat trustees ... to enact radical social policies pushed by far left campus activists."

"These votes were out of step with the mainstream of the Republican Party and the general public," he said. "The Republican delegates made the right choice replacing him."
Hall campaigned with and for Lyons on the floor of the convention.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Money On Fire Update!

Now that the post-primary campaign finance reports are out, we have the final answer to the question of how badly the three local self-funding candidates wasted their money.

The three candidates are Mark Totten, Lorence Wenke, and Grant Taylor.

We consider the number of dollars spent per vote.

Mark Totten
Spent: $167, 736
Votes: 3876
Dollars per vote: $43.28 per vote

Lorence Wenke
Spent: $380,879
Votes: 8371
Dollars per vote: $45.50 per vote

Grant Taylor
Spent: $95,246
Votes: 737
Dollars per vote: $129.23 per vote



This update focuses on education.

JH Huebert: School Vouchers Are Not Libertarian
Steve Sailer: “Bad Students”—Unmentionable Cause Of The Great Achievement Gap
Phyllis Schlafly: Un-American American History Courses
Gary North: Bring Down the Ruling Elite
Gary North: The Ron Paul Curriculum
Phyllis Schlafly: The NEA's Latest Shenanigans
John Taylor Gatto: The Public School Nightmare
Gennady Stolyarov II: Public Schools Are Anti-Mind

Learn more about education issues in Education Reporter.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Granholm's Third Term

What a choice we have for governor in November. On the one hand, we have someone who hires a longtime democrat aide to Granholm, Cherry, and Carl Levin. On the other hand, we have... democrat Virg Bernero.

Chris De Witt, a longtime Democratic operative who has worked for Governor Jennifer Granholm, Lt. Governor John Cherry Jr., former Attorney General Frank Kelley and U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, made a stunning move Friday and joined the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder as a senior adviser.
Republicans who ignore warning signs like this should not be surprised when Snyder turns out to be a liberal. Republican turncoat governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same thing when he ran for governor of California, and after a year of acting like a conservative, he became a de facto democrat.

Snyder ran a gauzy, platitude-filled primary campaign in which he was never seriously challenged on the issues. Snyder's nerdy businessman who can 'reinvent Michigan' is to 2010 as Barack Obama's tranformative, post-partisan optimist preaching 'hope and change' is to 2008.

As far as anyone can tell, Snyder's economic plan is essentially the same as Granholm's policies that have failed for eight years. He wants to use government to pick winners and losers and 'help' business. Don't be surprised when we get the same results.

Fake Tea Party Exposed, Defeated

The Michigan Supreme Court drove a stake through the heart of the fake tea party, ruling 5-2 to affirm the board of canvassers' ruling denying it a spot on the ballot. The Republicans and democrats Davis and Cavanagh were the majority.

Meanwhile, in a case of real journalism, the Free Press provides an even larger mountain of evidence that the fake tea party was a democrat party operation from the beginning.

Michigan Tea Party has some Democratic ties

We know Oakland County democrat chairman Mike McGuinness, who is only 26, and his roommate Jason Bauer, their executive director, were involved. What we don't yet know is if democrat party boss Mark Brewer was behind the whole thing. Given how amateurish the whole operation was, maybe he wasn't.

We also don't yet know who paid the costs of the paid petition gatherers and the fake tea party lawyer.

Meanwhile, real tea partiers should redouble their efforts to elect conservatives in November.

Interview with Amash

National Review interviews state rep. Justin Amash, who is the Republican nominee for the third congressional seat being vacated by Vern Ehlers.

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Local News

Local news around Kalamazoo.

Jones calls again for penalties for hiring illegal immigrants
Kalamazoo River oil spill workers detained in Texas
Police arrest alleged undocumented immigrants said to have worked on Kalamazoo River oil spill cleanup

Democrat Don Cooney plans to join Labor Day rally in bid against Republican U.S. Rep. Fred Upton
Western Michigan University names Martha Warfield Vice President for diversity and inclusion
Michigan senate race was costly: GOP field alone spent more than $700,000
Kalamazoo city commissioner succumbs to cancer: Terry Kuseske remembered for his compassion
Poll shows majority of voters support making Michigan a right-to-work state

Western Michigan University hires new fundraising vice president
Western Michigan University's summer vacation?: Construction
On the ballot: Southwest Michigan voters will have a lot to consider in November