Thursday, October 28, 2010

Piled Higher and Deeper

Educational Progress:

B.S.: Bullsh**
M.S.: More sh**
Ph.D.: Piled higher and deeper

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change to Hopewell

The democrats have selected Kalamazoo mayor Bobby Hopewell to replace Robert Jones as their nominee for state senate.

Democrats select Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell to replace Robert B. Jones on the Nov. 2 ballot in the state Senate's 20th District

Hopewell is notable for his membership in an extreme anti-gun organization.

Hopewell Hates Guns (1)
Hopewell Hates Guns (2)

Hopewell is also a passionate supporter of Kalamazoo's discriminatory gay rights ordinance.

More on Hopewell's positions here:

Analysis of Kalamazoo City Commission Races

Robert Jones, RIP

Democrat state rep. and former mayor of Kalamazoo died on Sunday.

This blog will fondly remember Jones' trademark handlebar mustache.

Local News

Election news around Kalamazoo.

Democrats select Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell to replace Robert B. Jones on the Nov. 2 ballot in the state Senate's 20th District
Jack Lessenberry: Should Robert B. Jones have been running for office?
Democrats reflect on life of Robert B. Jones as they prepare to nominate a replacement for the ballot tonight
Robert B. Jones "loved being out there with people," Kalamazoo city commissioners say
Democratic Party leaders to meet Tuesday in Kalamazoo to name a state Senate ballot replacement for Robert B. Jones
Kalamazoo had 'no greater champion' than state Rep. Robert B. Jones, says Mayor Bobby Hopewell
Absentee balloting frozen in Michigan Senate 20th District race after candidate Robert Jones' death; election officials to meet today
State Representative and former Kalamazoo Mayor Robert B. Jones reported dead Sunday morning

Third-party candidates makes their cases in the state House's 80th District: Cheryl Evick, Bill Bradley seek to replace Schuitmaker
Jeff Fernandez and Sean McCann vie for 60th District House seat being vacated by Robert Jones
Job creation and business taxes are issues in 61st District House race between Thomas Batten and Margaret O'Brien
Erdmann, Nesbitt vie to replace Rep. Tonya Schuitmaker in state House 80th District
Southwest Michigan voters get rematch in state House 59th District: Democrat Carol Higgins again vies against Republican Matt Lori

Same goal, different approaches for Robert Jones and Tonya Schuitmaker in 20th Senate District race
Robert Jones and Tonya Schuitmaker lament "extreme pressure" from some groups
Video replay: Robert Jones and Tonya Schuitmaker speak about their Senate seat candidacies
Jones makes pitch to cut lawmaker pay: Schuitmaker says proposal doesn't go far enough
Allegan County board members get challenged: 5 of 11 have opposition in November

Was MPI Research's 3,300-job expansion plan oversold by MEDC, politicians?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010


This update focuses on the culture war.

Steve Sailer: Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…A Lot Of Problems For Democrats (Richly Deserved)
Steve Sailer: The Real Inequality Scandal: Rich, Poor and MSM Gang Up On American Middle Class
Phyllis Schlafly: Bloomberg Wants to be a Kingmaker
James Fulford: The Fulford File: Koran Burning, Mosque Building, And The First Amendment
Steve Sailer: Whatever Happened to the Democrats’ Youth/Minority Voter Juggernaut?
Pat Buchanan: The Myth of Equality
Gary North: Of Course, the Recession Wasn't Engineered
Gary North: Eight Unbreakable Rules for Hard-Core Tea Party Activists (or Any Other Special-Interest Coalition)
Steve Sailer: Why Don’t Hispanics (And Italians) Project Like Jews?

POLITICAL UPDATES are archived here.

Local News

Local news around Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo County Board leaders face challengers: Long-time members Buskirk, Buchholtz seek to retain positions
Kalamazoo County board rematch hotly contested: Campaign spending highest of any district
Portage ponders relaxing rules on backyard chickens
Defeated once, Allegan Judge William A. Baillargeon faces challenge again
Topic of race not easy for some, but professor hopes to spur conversation
Western Michigan University wants $100 million science facility to expand research capabilities
Prosecutor Margaret Bakker, sole practitioner Paul W. Klein vie to replace retiring Allegan judge
Recession hitting hard in Kalamazoo County: Census data show troubling jobless, income, poverty rates
Judge urges Janet Karpus to mentor other women behind bars: Former aide gets 2 years for defrauding billionaire Jon Stryker
UPDATE: Kalamazoo City Commission chooses former city attorney Robert Cinabro replace Terry Kuseske on commission