Friday, January 11, 2008

Hopewell Hates Guns

Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell hates guns. From the Herald:


During the question and answer session, one attendee asked Hopewell how the city plans to deal with violence.

First, Hopewell listed all the problems he said contribute to violence and crime: poverty, a general lack of hope, the availability of guns, racism, classism, lack of jobs and lack of family support.

"Guns are rampant," he said. Many of these issues are impacting minorities more than non-minorities, he said."I'm often told by folks it's all about employment," he said.

"Jobs are a piece of the solution; they are not the only solution - and we can never think that."

As far as solutions, he said he wanted to strengthen guns laws, try to make people feel important, and do more to provide strong role models for young males.

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