Saturday, January 19, 2008

Partial Birth Again

The issue of partial birth abortion is once again before the Michigan legislature.

The previous ban was struck down by a federal appeals court. The Supreme Court recently refused to hear an appeal of the case. The legislature had passed a ban which was vetoed by Governor Granholm. A citizens petition drive then allowed the legislature to pass a ban that Granholm could not veto.

A state Senate committee has passed a new ban sponsored by Senator Cameron Brown of Sturgis. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill on Tuesday, the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It should pass easily.

Beyond that, the bill's future is less clear. It would easily pass the state House of Representatives if it is allowed to come to a vote. That decision rests with Democrat Speaker Andy Dillon. Dillon identifies as pro-life and has been endorsed by Right to Life. It remains to be seen whether he will follow his professed convictions on the wishes of the democrat party establishment.

If the bill passes both houses of the legislature, it will go to Governor Granholm. Granholm has opposed the ban and vetoed earlier versions of it. It isn't completely clear what she will do now that the Supreme Court has taken away the "it's unconstitutional" argument by upholding the Nebraska partial birth abortion ban in the case Gonzales v. Carhart.

If Granholm vetoes the bill, it also isn't clear whether there would be enough support for an override. The ban will have 100% support from Republicans, and significant minority of democrats.

We'll find out before too long.

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Granholm's almost a lock to veto anything that gets to her desk attempting to stem the tide of unborn children butchered in Michigan. Just wouldn't be convenient.