Saturday, January 19, 2008

No One Need Apply

The Herald has announced word of a terrible tragedy.

Although the official day of celebration is Monday, the Division of Multicultural Affairs at WMU support Dr. Martin Luther King remembrance throughout the year by awarding the Cultural Diversity Scholarship, originally the Martin Luther King Scholarship, to certain students who meet the requirements, according to Sherrie Fuller, an assistant director of multicultural affairs at WMU.

"The scholarship creates opportunity for students who might not have that same opportunity otherwise," Fuller said.

Although Fuller said the requirements to receive this scholarship are simple, the Division of Multicultural Affairs is no longer allowed to issue the Cultural Diversity Scholarship at this time.
What are the requirements for this scholarship?

One requirement of students who applied for the scholarship was to identify as Native American, Latino or African American
No whites need apply!

Sadly, this cultural diversity has come to an end thanks to a constitutional amendment (not "a law") called the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

Apparently, white people can't have cultural diversity.

Now, no one need apply.


Dan Roth said...

It's good to see such an injustice brought to an end. I always wonder what Dr. King would think of such things. People of the civil rights movement fought against such practices as a white person bathroom and a black person bathroom. Yet today we have scholarships just for blacks. How was this reaching equal ground? Perhaps these scholarship funds will start being used in a way where people, regardless of race, will have an equal opportunity of earning them.

Michelle Randall said...

To Dan: Funny you should call giving people an economic opportunity to attend college an "injustice." Also mentioning that the scholarship is "just for blacks" is very disapointing. Obviously you did not read the article when it stated that the scholoarship is available to "culturally diverse students." The scholoarship has very little to do with race and more to do with grades. If you or the person who wrote this blogg bothered to do any research you would see that the scholoarship is awarded to students who meet certain academic criteria. Such as having a 3.2 to even apply. You obviously could only see the race issue instead of looking at the opportunities that such a scholoarship provide. America will never change, if people like you don't look past the color of people's skin. Very very disapointing.