Monday, January 14, 2008

McCain Tried to Eliminate Gun Shows

The National Rifle Association reports on the gun control bill that Senator John McCain introduced with liberal Democrats Joe Lieberman and Jack Reed.


Introduced, appropriately enough, on Halloween, the McCain-Reed-DeWine-Lieberman gun show bill masquerades as reform but imposes bureaucratic restrictions aimed at eliminating gun shows. The legislation is based on the McCain-Lieberman bill (S. 890) from the 107th Congress, and, similarly, not only fails to address gun owners` most significant concerns, but also fails to address any issues within the National Instant Check System (NICS).

McCain-Reed is not about closing a "gun show loophole"—there is no "gun show loophole." Existing laws apply at gun shows just the same as any other place guns are sold. McCain-Reed is, in fact, about eliminating gun shows. [emphasis added] It would give any future Second Amendment-hating Attorney General the power to effectively shut down gun shows, invade the privacy rights of American citizens, and impose many other restrictions that have nothing to do with conducting background checks on firearms purchases.

The legislation also seeks to impose a whole host of additional restrictions and unnecessary requirements, including gun owner registration and limitless regulations! Perhaps most importantly, the legislation ignores the fact that multiple federal government studies prove gun shows are not a source of "crime guns." No matter how creative the packaging, this bill isn`t about controlling crime. The attack on gun shows makes no sense as a crime control measure. It is strictly driven by an anti-gun political agenda. Closing gun shows means shutting down one of the most important venues for Second Amendment activists to communicate with other gun owners. That`s their real goal. View NRA-ILA`s Fact Sheet on the McCain-Reed Gun Show Bill here

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Adam said...

LOL Allan. We get it. You don't like McCain. Most of us don't. It's okay to move on to a new candidate or subject.