Friday, January 11, 2008

Licence to Kill

The Gazette has an editorial on the issue of driver's licences for illegal aliens. They manage to almost correctly understand the problem. But then things go wrong.

But how will this ruling, in practice, actually end up enhancing anyone's safety in Michigan?

"If you deny driver's licenses, then we'll have no information'' about undocumented immigrants, said Andres Abreu, editor of El Vocero Hispano, a Spanish-edition newspaper in Grand Rapids. "That's no good for security. ...

"We need secure borders. That is the first step.''

We agree.

We just don't see how having more unlicensed drivers on Michigan roads will make Americans safer or how denying driver's licenses will make it easier to detect illegal aliens.
Not issuing licences to illegals won't make them stop driving, but giving them licences won't make them better drivers. If they don't have licences, when they are stopped by the police, they can be arrested and deported. Of course, this would require the federal government to get serious about immigration. Mohammed Atta was stopped by police, but not arrested.

Bu the issue of driver's licences is not even mainly about driving. Driver's licences are the main form of identification that people use. Giving them to illegals allows them get jobs, bank accounts, and more easily function in society.

Ending licences for illegals isn't the whole solution, but it is an essential part of the answer.

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