Saturday, January 26, 2008

John McCain Update

Here is some recent news on Senator John McCain.

Ann Coulter: 'Straight Talk' Express Takes Scenic Route to Truth
David Limbaugh: 'Maverick' and 'Conservative' Aren't Synonyms
Pat Buchanan: What McCain Means
Thomas Sowell: McCain's Age
Michelle Malkin: John McCain: The Geraldo Rivera Republican
Deroy Murdock: McCain: Not Right for the Right
Michelle Malkin: John McCain’s open-borders outreach director

From Time Magazine:

Q: How much support do you think he has among the base of the Republican Party?

Roberta McCain: “I don’t think he has any. I don’t know what the base of the Repub–maybe I don’t know enough about it, but I’ve not seen any help whatsoever.”

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