Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trial Lawyers Hate Republicans

The Gazette reports on 'ratings' of local judges by local trial lawyers.

Trial lawyers rate Kalamazoo County judges

Lawyers rate judges:
Circuit Court: J. Richardson Johnson, 3.47; Gary C. Giguere, 3.32; Alexander C. Lipsey, 2.77; Pamela L. Lightvoet, 2.39.
District Court: Richard A. Santoni, 3.50; Paul J. Bridenstine, 3.35; Anne E. Blatchford, 3.11; Vincent C. Westra, 3.07; Robert C. Kropf, 2.86; Carol A. Husum, 2.02; Julie K. Phillips, 1.89.
Family Court: Stephen D. Gorsalitz, 3.50; Curtis J. Bell, 2.86; Patricia N. Conlon, 2.63.
Probate Court: Donald R. Halstead: 1.99.
The Gazette doesn't mention the partisan slant of these ratings. While judges are officially nonpartisan, they unofficially are usually supported by one party or the other. Lightvoet, Husum, Phillips, Conlon, and Halstead are Republicans. Meanwhile, Giguere is former democrat official, Lipsey is a former democrat state rep., and Bell is a former county democrat chairman. (This blog doesn't know the others' affiliations.)

What a shock that liberal trial lawyers don't like Republican judges. When will criminals come out with their ratings?

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