Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Best of The Western Right: 2008

This blog has been very active this year, covering many topics. We had 405 posts this year, 388 by yours truly. Here are some of my favorite posts of 2008.

Understanding Government series (bureaucracy, democracy, decentralization, limited government, conclusion)

2008 Election Analysis
Analysis: President
Analysis: National
Analysis: Michigan
Analysis: Michigan Supreme Court
Analysis: Kalamazoo

2008 Election Preview (General)
61st District Election Analysis
2008 Election Preview (Primary)

The Right Agenda: Buy Guns
The Right Agenda: Stop Doing What Doesn't Work
The Right Agenda: New Leadership

Big Three Bailout?
Kalamazoo to Persecute Christians
Why Voting is Rational
John Niewenhuis Can't Spell
The Carl Levin Record
Whither the Bradley Effect?
Vote NO on Proposal 2
Thinking About Medical Marijuana
Faculty for Ayers
Julie Rogers' Office for Nobody
Stop the Bailout!
What Were They Thinking?
Faculty Strike Looming?
Tax Eaters Are Never Full
Liberal Fascism
Constitutional Convention? No!
DC Gun Ban Gone
The Truth About Global Warming
The Democrats' Court-Hacking Scheme
Stop the Climate Socialism Act
The Push for Poverty
Blacklisted by History
Trouble in Texas
The Larry DeShazor Record
Take Back the Nonsense
Registration Leads to Confiscation
What's So Great About Christianity
Carrying on Debate
Poor East Campus
Iraq War Questions
Amnesty by Any Other Name
The Issue of 2008: Immigration
Is Terrorism the Most Important Issue?
Ron Paul for President

The Best of The Western Right: 2007
The Best of The Western Right: 2006

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