Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Articles of 2008

It is time for the best articles of 2008. These articles were selected from roughly 10,000 articles this year. More than 400 articles appeared in this year's 52 POLITICAL UPDATES.

Energy/environmentalism was the most frequent topic, inspiring five updates. Tied for second were the culture war, government, news from abroad, immigration, education, and the economy with four each. What follows are my choices, in chronological order, for the nineteen most important news or opinion pieces of 2007.

William Jasper: Bailout Mania!
Eric Englund: Environmentalism Is Racism
Warren Mass: KAL Flight 007 Remembered
Steve Sailer: Freddie Mac’s Richard Syron—Architect Of The “Diversity Recession”
Gregory Hession: Restraining Orders Out of Control
Dennis Behreandt: Transatlantic Two-Step
Dave Workman: Kansas tornado produces gun rights bill
Peter Brimelow: “Immigration Is The Viagra Of The State”—A Libertarian Case Against Immigration
Lew Rockwell: What If Public Schools Were Abolished?
Walter Williams: Environmentalists' Wild Predictions
James Fulford: Civil Rights Law Doesn’t Care If You Die
Pat Buchanan: Whites Down To 10% Of World Population By 2060— Does It Matter?
William Jasper: A Bad Investment
Arthur Robinson: Nobel Prize for Death
Phyllis Schlafly: North American Union: It's the real deal
Thomas Kilgannon: The Supreme Court Stands Alone
Heather MacDonald: The Campus Rape Myth
Susan Easton: The EU's Treaty Treachery
Terry Jeffrey: Your $455,000 Loan to Uncle Sam

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