Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Election Preview

While the jockeying has already begun for the 2010 election, we should not forget that Michigan will see several elections in 2009. This is a preview of elections in Michigan and Kalamazoo County. Elections held before November are found below.

2009 Election Schedule

November 3

This is the day for local city elections. There will also be some school boards and ballot propositions. There will be a state senate special election in the 19th district. Kalamazoo will see a millage to fund the Metro Transit bus system. There has been talk of a proposal to fund an arena in downtown Kalamazoo, but this has been postponed. Elections for the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Board of Trustees have been moved here from May.

19th District State Senate Special Election

There will be a special election to fill the 19th district state senate seat vacated by democrat Mark Schauer to become a congressman. The district is swing territory that could be won by either party. It encompasses Calhoun and most of Jackson County. State Representative Mike Nofs from Calhoun County is the Republican nominee. On the democrat side, State Representative Martin Griffin is the nominee. Nofs, a fairly moderate republican, is believed to have the advantage in this swing district.

Kalamazoo Discrimination Ordinance

Kalamazoo will face a referendum on the ordinance passed by the city commission earlier this year that would punish citizens who oppose homosexuality or crossdressing. The ordinance would assess penalties of up to 500 dollars per day.
Discrimination News
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The Effects of 'Sexual Orientation' and 'Gender Identity' Nondiscrimination Ordinances
Kalamazoo to Persecute Christians

Kalamazoo City Commission

All seven seats on the Kalamazoo County Commission will be up for election. The seven commissioners are Mayor Bobby Hopewell, Vice-mayor Hannah McKinney, Don Cooney, David Anderson, Sean McCann, Barb Miller, and Stephanie Moore. All but McCann are running for reelection. McCann is running for state representative in the 60th district, where current state rep. Robert Jones isn't running for reelection. Moore has been convicted of interfering with a police officer since being elected in 2007. There are a total of seventeen candidates running for the City Commission, with Kai Phillips the most conservative. Kalamazoo City Commission elections often attract colorful challengers, and this one is no exception. See the following analysis for more information.
Analysis of Kalamazoo City Commission Races
Gazette Election Guide
Kai Phillips for Kalamazoo City Commission

Portage City Council

The mayor of Portage, Peter Strazdas, is unopposed for reelection. Three of the six seats on the commission will also be up for election. Those seats are held by Ed Sackley, Terry Urban, and Claudette Reid. Cory Bailes is also running for one of these seats. There will also be an election for the remainder of the term vacated by Larry DeShazor to become a state representative. Former councilman Ted Vliek, who was appointed to fill the vacancy, will not run for election. There are four candidates for this seat. See the analysis below for more information.
Analysis of Portage City Council Races

February 24

This is one of four yearly election days in Michigan. Scattered localities had millages, but many jurisdictions didn't have anything on the ballot. Detroit saw a special election for its mayor. The election followed the conviction of former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Current mayor Ken Cockrell and businessman Dave Bing advanced to a May 5 runoff, which was won by Bing.

May 5

This was the date for school board elections. There were also local millages. A ballot proposal to fund the Car-a-van service in Kalamazoo County was passed, along with a library millage renewal. There were also library board races. See this post for more information: Taxes on the Ballot

August 4

This was another election day without much scheduled. There were some scattered local propositions.

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