Monday, October 26, 2009

Discrimination News

The fight over Kalamazoo's discrimination ordinance is heating up. Some notes on the race.

War chest may have record amount: Group has nearly $350,000 to support anti-discrimination ordinance on Kalamazoo ballot
City candidates file financial reports
Records show spending in Portage City Council races

Not surprisingly, the ordinance supporters are swimming in money, between the support of billionaire democrat Jon Stryker and national 'gay rights' groups. They have a 10:1 advantage in money. Meanwhile, the opponents have raised most of their money in small donations. Win or lose, the votes aren't going to go 10:1 one way.


The ordinance supporters' organization is named 'One Kalamazoo'. What does this mean? That we should all get together in perfect harmony? But what if people disagree, as they always do in a free society? What should be done about the awful people disrupting the glorious 'oneness' all right-thinking people want? They must be punished! That's the whole point of the ordinance. It isn't homosexuals who are being threatened with 500 dollar per day fines for living their beliefs.

Unity is overrated:
Calls to 'put politics aside' really mean 'stop disagreeing with me and shut up.'


On a related note, the anti-Christian bigotry expressed by the ordinance supporters in comment threads on many of the Gazette articles on the ordinance is surprising. Not that it exists, but that discrimination ordinance supporters are so open about expressing their hatred.


One Kalamazoo marches against discrimination

“Whether or not this passes, when this gets over, the Resource Center will still be here after Nov. 3,” Garcia said. “What makes me angry is that the opposition says this isn’t a problem in Kalamazoo. We’ve had over 20 phone calls in the last year from people who have lost their jobs or their houses because of what they are.”
So prove it. Until they do, we can only assume these incidents are just made up, just like this batch of phony hate crimes:
"Queer students say harassment has increased"
Axis of Queers


Black vote seen as key in ballot issue
Kalamazoo pastor J. Louis Felton takes middle road in ordinance debate

The black vote is correctly seen as key in the election. Ordinance supporters are claiming that their cause is analogous to the civil rights movement. This would be laughable if it weren't outrageous. Did the civil rights movement outspend its opponents 10:1? Did it have black billionaires funding it? Did it have the unanimous support of city commissioners? What a joke. Anybody who claims their cause is just like the civil rights movement is selling a bill of goods.

Anonymous commenters claim that opponents of the discrimination ordinance are just like opponents of the civil rights movement. Based on what? The civil rights movement was largely a religious movement, led by black pastors and organized in the black church. Today, black pastors are mostly against the discrimination ordinance, though pastor Felton has waffled on the issue. More liberal black politicians, who are funded by Jon Stryker and his ilk, mostly support the ordinance.



The ballot language of the ordinance itself is misleading. It makes it sound like the ordinance would ban 'discrimination' based on all manner of factors, including race, gender, and religion. But this is in the existing law. What is new is 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity'. Will voters be confused by this?


The Curse of the Creative Class
A New Age theory of urban development amounts to economic snake oil.

Ordinance supporters claim that it will benefit the economy. This is based on a book entitled The Rise of the Creative Class, which makes dubious, if not fraudulent arguments to support its advocacy of liberal social policies and taxpayer support for liberal artists, etc. The above article destroys these arguments with actual facts. But politicians and leftists aren't likely to examine the facts behind arguments for things they want to do anyways.

Implementing all my favorite social policies will improve the economy!

On a side note, this same book was the inspiration for governor Granholm's absurd Cool Cities Initiative, which has worked out so well for Kalamazoo and Michigan.

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Orlin said...

What a coincidence, I just was reading this morning: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” –commentator, author and founder of National Review William F. Buckley Jr.