Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kai Phillips for Kalamazoo City Commission

In a field of seventeen candidates for the Kalamazoo City Commission, one candidate stands out. Kai Phillips has been a business manager and is a Kalamazoo resident making his first run for elective office.

Kai opposes the discrimination ordinance passed by the Kalamazoo City Commission. The ordinance would take away people's religious freedom and freedom of association. It would also be bad for business, threatening $500 per day fines, lawsuits, and investigations against businesses that are already struggling in this tough economy. He knows that this ordinance is bad for Kalamazoo.

Kai also opposes the terrible policy instituted by the Kalamazoo police chief to not check whether criminals caught by the police are illegal aliens. This policy can only lead to more crime and hurt Kalamazoo by not catching criminals who should be deported.
Kalamazoo to become Sanctuary City

Kai opposes raising taxes and supports cutting taxes. He knows that taxpayers have been punished enough, and attracting business to Kalamazoo requires an environment friendly to job creation.

Kai Phillips is the right choice for the Kalamazoo City Commission.

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