Thursday, October 22, 2009

Governor Race Polls

Mike Cox and Pete Hoekstra lead the race for the Republican nomination. Cox is clearly the strongest candidate in the general election, leading John Cherry by 15 points. Hoekstra and Bouchard also lead, but Rick Snyder looks like a loser, trailing Cherrry. Voters simply don't like rich, self-funding candidates.



John Cherry (D): 33 (14)
Alma Wheeler Smith (D): 5 (2)
George Perles (D): 3 (2)
Don Williamson (D): 3 (1)
John Freeman (D): 2 (NA)
Undecided: 54 (26)

Peter Hoekstra (R): 29 (27)
Mike Cox (R): 28 (26)
Mike Bouchard (R): 14 (NA)
Rick Snyder (R): 3 (NA)
Tom George (R): 2 (1)
Undecided: 24 (25)
(MoE: ±4%)


John Cherry (D): 33 (36)
Peter Hoekstra (R): 40 (33)

John Cherry (D): 30 (36)
Mike Cox (R): 45 (35)

John Cherry (D): 30
Mike Bouchard (R): 39

John Cherry (D): 34
Rick Snyder (R): 32
(MoE: ±4%)


Nathan Edward Bashaw said...

I don't think Rick Snyder is trailing Hoekstra, Cox, and Bouchard because he is a successful businessman, I think it is because he doesn't have the name recognition that they do, since they are all currently public office holders.

I've literally never heard a single person say that they don't like Rick Snyder because he is a successful businessman. Maybe the Democrat party would shun that type of person, since they are very suspicious of business, but I'm surprised that Republicans such as yourselves would think business success was a bad thing.

Conservative First said...

Voters, Nate, voters.

There's nothing wrong with being a successful businessman, but that doesn't change the fact that voters don't like rich people. For example, see Dick DeVos.

In 2004, 25 candidates spent more than a million dollars of their own money. Of the 25, 24 lost, and the one who won beat one of the 24. Rick Snyder will lose too.

Matt said...
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