Wednesday, March 04, 2009


There has been controversy recently over the documentary Speechless: Silencing the Christians. The documentary covers the efforts by 'gay rights' activists to suppress the freedom of speech of opponents of their agenda.

The film was produced by the American Family Association, which recently made an agreement with WOOD TV to pay to broadcast it. Outraged by the calumny that they would ever try to stop Christians from expressing their point of view, 'gay rights' activists demanded that WOOD not show the film. WOOD eventually gave in.

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You can see the documentary for yourself here: Silencing Christians One Hour Special

The controversy locally is related to the 'gay rights' ordinance passed and later repealed by the Kalamazoo City Commission. The ordinance would have banned 'discrimination' by businesses or landlords on the basis of 'sexual orientation' or 'gender identity'. The ordinance was repealed after citizens collected enough signatures to force a vote on the issue. The commission is seeking a compromise to avoid a public vote, but it isn't clear that such a compromise is possible.

With a public forum on the issue approaching, 'gay rights' activists are shamelessly lying about the issues involved.

"That's totally up to them, in their own churches in their own communities," said spokesman Shawn Brier. "All we're saying is that we want the right to do what we want as well."
No, they want the power to force other people to do what they want. That's the whole point of the ordinance and the $500 per day fine is would levy.

"It's spelled out in the constitution, that no groups can be discriminated against," said Brier.
What? Where is that in the Constitution? If no groups can be discriminated against, then you can't discriminate against businesses that don't want to hire crossdressers.

'Gay rights' activists won't stop until they have the power to punish everyone who disagrees with them.

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