Sunday, March 29, 2009


This update focuses on the economy. Bailouts and stimulus plans are failing to improve the economy. The causes of the recession continue to be explored.

Thomas Sowell: False Solutions and Real Problems
Thomas Sowell: Subsidizing Bad Decisions
Lew Rockwell: Beating Back Obamanomics
Thomas Woods: Unnatural Disaster
William Andersen: It Is Time to Admit the Obvious: The Political Classes Deliberately Are Blocking an Economic Recovery
Ron Paul: Is Spending the Answer?
Steve Sailer: Minority Mortgage Meltdown (contd.) Pay No Attention To That Diversity Mandate Behind The Curtain
Charles Scaliger: Shock & Awe Economics
Gary Benoit: The Inflation Tax
Kurt Williamsen: Economy Killers
William Hoar: Stimulating Government, Not the Economy

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