Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The 'R Word'

What's the latest cause on campus?

WMU volunteers fight to end use of the ‘R Word’
Western Michigan University athletes and students are joining forces with local community members for “WMU End the ‘R’ Word day.”

Different volunteers will be stationed around campus to inform the WMU community about the hurtful affects of the use of the words “retard” or “retarded.”


There will also be a pledge board for students to sign who also runs the Special Olympics at WMU, Rapelje said.

“People will sign pledging not to use the ‘R’ word,” she said.
Maybe Barack Obama should sign the pledge.


Matt said...

Now the College Republicans are in-favor or political correctness. Let us review some Ann Coulter quotes: "Learning difficulties are a cover for] rich parents with dumb kids...That's why 'Pinch' Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times, is alleged to have dyslexia - because he's retarded ("The Independent: The blonde assassin," The Independent, August 16, 2004)." Maybe Ann Coulter should apologize. I think one thing is clear, the only politically correct label for a College Republican is "hypocritical moron."

Jason Gillman said...

Matt.. maybe you have missed the point of the post.

But all you were looking for was a chance to lash out at Coulter, and perhaps others who are politically opposite of your views. Did you actually read the quote as a part of the larger message Coulter was making? Perhaps you might look up what "context" is.

Then without noticing the way this post was framed, you made a broad negative comment toward the poster.

There you go. Do you feel better for it? Pathetic.

RightMichigan.com said...

I think, Matt, that the post was intended as sarcasm. But maybe I'm just... learning-challenged.


Matt said...

Mr. Gillman,

When discussing whether a single word ought to be used regardless of one’s intent, context is irrelevant (Two seconds of thought would have led one to this obvious point. Why do you think objectors to the word "retarded" chose the phrase "R-word?") As for “how the post was framed,” I leave it to you to enlighten me.


Adam said...

That's retarded.

Jason Gillman said...

Matt, the word retarded simply means slower development. Contextual purpose is quite relevant IMO.

And a couple of minutes reading a piece you disregard as the basis for THIS WRITER'S piece as hypocritical might in fact be enlightening. When you understand that its use was used in an argument designed to inspire critical thought.

Matthew said...

Context is always relevant.

Matt said...

How profound.