Thursday, December 11, 2008

Corruption News

A few thoughts on some major news items.

Corrupt democrat congressman William Jefferson was finally defeated. He lost to Republican Joseph Cao in a heavily democrat district. Jefferson lost due to the indictment, the fact that several of his democrat rivals either supported Cao or didn't help him, and the fact that the general election was delayed by a hurricane. Turnout was down significantly from November.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been indicted for trying to sell Barack Obama's recently vacated Senate seat. He has been under investigation for some time.

Also, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., or someone representing him, apparently tried to buy the seat.

Obama hasn't been implicated in any criminal wrongdoing, but he and his advisers have given conflicting statements about what he knew and when. Blagojevich is another Obama political ally to be revealed as a criminal. Tony Rezko, a major political fixer in Chicago who engaged in a suspicious housing deal with Obama, was recently sent to prison for corruption.

Perhaps Obama should have been vetted more before being elected President.

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