Monday, October 02, 2006

Kalamazoo Peace Center

This week has been declared "Peace Week" by liberals on campus. So this seems like a good time to examine some of the nutty liberals on campus. Many of their efforts seem to revolve around the "Kalamazoo Peace Center," located in the Wesley foundation on campus.

According to their website, the Peace Center is a group of "students and others" dedicated to promoting liberalism. The center also refers to "the collective:"


The role of the Collective is to keep the Peace Center alive and productive.

Members of the Collective volunteer their time to cooperatively staff the office. The Collective participates in day-to-day activities and in long-term developmental goals of the Peace Center. If you are interested in being a volunteer or joining the collective feel free to download an application, send us an email, or stop by!
The Center was started 25 years ago as a project of the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodists, which says a lot about the decline of mainline Protestant denominations.

In the 1980's, it was used to promote the Nuclear Freeze movement. This movement demanded that the United States unilaterally stop building our nuclear capacities. Strangely, this was exactly what the Soviet Union wanted us to do. So what happened? Ronald Reagan did exactly the opposite of what the liberals wanted. He increased military spending. The Soviet Union went bankrupt trying to keep up, was demoralized, and collapsed. Four hundred million people were freed from communist tyranny, and there was no war. Today, the peace center's website acknowledges how wrong they were. Yes, I'm kidding.

Their "coalition" included the "anti-nuclear Valley Alliance, Citizens in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, Pushkin Institute, United Nations Association, and many faith-based groups such as the Presbyterian Church and Pax Cristi." I'm pretty sure that the "people of El Salvador" means the communists trying to overthrow the government of El Salvador.

Today, the Peace Center works with the Progressive Student Alliance, uniting such leftist organizations as "Students Against Sweatshops, Students' Kalamazoo Non-violent Opponents to War, NAACP, Western's Organization for Women and many more."

Then, the Progressive Student Alliance made a "daring" step--becoming the "Progressive Community Alliance." They work with organizations such as "Beehive Collective, Global Exchange, Oxfam and other national and international organizations." That's the Peace Center's "herstory."

As an organization championing peace, the Peace Center naturally supports banning jobs and racial discrimination. They demand a "living wage," which would ban any jobs that pay less. Of course, they oppose the MCRI:

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would ban both discrimination and affirmative action programs. This campaign exists to bring awareness to the community on the unethical aspects of this proposal and to get citizens to VOTE NO ON PROP 2 in November.
The Peace Center's calendar of events includes meetings of the Kalamazoo Homeless Action Network, which has provided some of the funnier moments in local politics.

Their community and links pages provide links to plenty more crazy liberal organizations. Ugh--I need to read Ann Coulter.


Dan Roth said...

As a member of the Methodist church, I've found the actions of the Wesley foundation here to be rather troubling. I remember a few years back they had a sticker in one of their windows for gay marriage. That's in direct contradiction to the Bible.
But the Methodist church is in an interesting situation. I doubt the Detroit Conference (which my home church is part of) would let half this stuff fly. Personally I think the Methodist church is on it's way to having a bit of a public bout and eventually having one of the two groups break off.

Gregor said...

oh allan....why can't you see that peace is more important than prosperity (or lack thereof)

Anonymous said...

How credabile is this?

I know its the WSJ/Zogby and they are relatively respected... but is he really down that much? I hope not

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Check this out

Gregor said...

the wsj poll also has Kennedy down 10 points to Klobuchar (Minnesota's Senate Seat) and people here tell me that Klobuchar has virtually no shot....everyone voting for her lives in the Twin Cities

Anonymous said...

I really want Bouchard to get elected.. but I've seen no ads or anything for him yet... I know its nice to blitz them with ads at the end, but I mean it's already October! Come on Mike! Get rid of Debbie!