Sunday, October 22, 2006

POLITICAL UPDATE--National Security

This update focuses on national security. North Korea recently tested a nuclear weapon. America continues to be threatened by Islamic terrorists. Liberals persist in trying to weaken our security. We need to realistically understand the threats that we face.

Richard Mgerdechian writes that liberals are undermining our security.
Frank Gaffney writes that Ronald Reagan was right about missile defense.
Mac Johnson shows that Citgo is run by Hugo Chavez, an anti-American dictator.
Ann Coulter argues that liberals want to appease our enemies.
Walter Williams asks whether we have the will to win the war on terrorism.
Thomas Sowell warns that the threat of nuclear terrorism is growing larger.
Ann Coulter writes that we should use racial profiling to stop Islamic terrorists.
Phyllis Schlafly writes that North Korea shows that we need a missile-defense system.
Ann Coulter writes that liberals won't secure America because they don't like America.
Ann Coulter shows how the New York Times undermines national security.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Allan....I usually agree with everything you have to say, and as a conservative, it is easy for me to understand your point on the Citgo/Hugo Chavez dilemma. However, there are many things you have pointed out (along with many of the Fox Reporters and other conservatives) that contradict some of the values we conservatives generally support.

It is frustrating for me to listen to you and other conservatives bash Citgo companies, as if they only exist in an effort to make Chavez more wealthy and furthering his dictating power. My father owns Citgo gas stations....he has been owners of small "Ma's and Pa's" for thirty-five years. To boycott a small business owner who legitimately pays his taxes, supports the conservative party (in fact, he is a conservative politician in Chicago) who has a wife and three children to support, would be like blaming the lower level employees of Enron for running that pathetic company into the ground.

You CANNOT put small business owners in a potential position of bankruptcy because a sick man made some comment about our President, and fully corrupted the "higher-ups" of the PDVSA, in order to "prove a point." Although I strongly disagree with all of Chavez's beliefs and business "practices," I doubt a boycott of HARD WORKING AMERICAN FAMILY BUSINESS owners will "show him" anything. As long as there is a demand, he will always be in business...but harming my family financially will not be tolerated.