Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unity through demagoguery

One of the ironies of liberalism is that liberals claim to support diversity and tolerance and multiculturalism, and oppose racism and hatred. Then, they turn around and demonize anyone when it is politically convenient.

This isn't "hypocrisy," once you understand the real meaning of terms like "multiculturalism" and "political correctness." Still, it's interesting to see that the ethics of liberalism allows the violation of all its supposed noble principles in pursuit of political power.

One example is the demonization of China. The Granholm campaign and state Democratic Party have run a number of ads attacking China during the gubernatorial campaign. There's nothing wrong with attacking China, which certainly has plenty to criticize. But China is not the reason that Michigan is suffering through a single-state recession. If Republicans had run similar ads, you can bet liberals would call them racist.

If Granholm and the Democrats had any shame, they would be afraid to show their faces in public with the record they have. Instead, they decided to lie like there's no tomorrow. This means saying whatever it takes win, including demagoguery.

Another example is the opponents of the MCRI. One of the liberals' talking points is that the initiative is being foisted on us by outsiders from California.

This is a California campaign run by California people with California ideas on how to change Michigan's constitution, which is working very well," said David Waymire, spokesman for Citizens for a United Michigan, which was formed to oppose the ballot proposal.
What do liberals have against California?

Of course, liberals aren't telling the truth. The the campaign for the MCRI was initiated by Michigan citizens in the wake of the Supreme Court rulings in the University of Michigan cases. They contacted Ward Connerly, who had experience promoting similar initiatives.

Given the wacko liberals who run the California legislature, California should practically be paradise for liberals. Why attack them? Michigan liberals are hoping to subtly play on the revulsion of conservatives and other normal people to the radical liberalism of Hollywood, San Francisco, and the California legislature.

The real issue is not who is sponsoring the MCRI, and whether they live in Michigan, but whether it is a good idea. Of course, liberals are lying about that, too.

The third example is the absurd debate over "Canadian trash." But this post is getting longer than I thought it would, so I'll save that for my next post.

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