Saturday, October 07, 2006


This update focuses on judges. Judicial activists continue to impose their will on America. This does great damage to our country. The power of judges must be restrained, and honest judges must be confirmed to the bench.

George Detweiler says a constitutional convention isn't the answer to judicial activism.
Phyllis Schlafly writes that lower court judges threaten our freedom.
Thomas Sowell writes that judges threaten our national security.
Schlafly writes that the Roberts court has been seduced by trying to create "consensus".
Schlafly writes that judges have ordered tax increases in Texas.
Schlafly lists many ways judges damage sovereignty, marriage, border security, and more.


Anonymous said...

Newest Rasmussen pole has Devos down by 7%. Ummm when do we start to worry guys? And does the WMU College Republicans have any campaining planned? We're gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

Gee. I don’t know. That’s bad news. Man it just seems that with all these scandals (Foley, Abramoff, etc), the mess in Iraq, a domestic agenda that’s going nowhere fast. It just seems that there isn’t much reason to go vote. Maybe we should just stay home.

Anonymous said...

Why would they help out any GOP candidates? They are more concerned with taking over the student government and bringing in angry right wingers to make our school look bad.

Michael said...

Is it just me, or is the "Maybe we should just stay home" post from 9:18 pm an obvious liberal plant?
Clue number one, Republicans don't say "gee"; clue number two, the pure criticism of the Bush administration; and clue number three, only a Democrat would be say there "isn't much reason to go vote" when America's at war.
Also, to the comment from 9:38 (these Libs always post anonymously) - is it bringing in "angry right wingers" that makes WMU look bad, or dousing said right wingers with salad dressing because you're intellectually incapable of challenging their ideas that makes WMU look bad?

Alicia said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST HEARD! How dare Devos say he would not sign any legislation to further prohibit abortion. I cannot believe he said that. That's so dissapointing.

Michael said...

I already posted this and it has yet to appear, so if this is redundant just ignore it:
I felt the same way you did, Alicia, when DeVos said that, but you have to realize that the current law in Michigan says that abortions are illegal. The law just isn't enforced becuase of Roe. If Roe were ever repealed then abortion would again be illegal in Michigan - as well as fifteen other states and DC.
That's why DeVos said the current abortion laws were sufficient. Notice that the only law restricting abortion that he said he would sign was a ban on partial-birth abortion, the only restriction he could sign and not have a court overthrow it the next week.