Saturday, October 14, 2006

Doom! Doom!

If anyone doubts that the opponents of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative will say anything to stop it from passing, look no further than this article from the Detroit News.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Opponents of a ballot proposal that would ban some affirmative action programs in Michigan are running a statewide radio ad that likens the measure to the Sept. 11 and Hurricane Katrina disasters.

"If you could have prevented 9/11 from ever happening, would you have?" an announcer asks in the ad. "If you could have prevented Katrina from ever happening, what would you have done? On November 7th, there's a national disaster headed for Michigan: the elimination of affirmative action."

The announcer then urges listeners to "take a stand" and vote against the proposal.

Backers of the anti-affirmative-action proposal swiftly condemned the 60-second ad Friday.

"This is very disgusting. How can they talk to a widow of a fireman and say that this is equivalent to 9/11?" said Doug Tietz, spokesman for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

A spokesman for One United Michigan, the group airing the ad, stood by it.

"Taking away opportunities from families and women is exactly like taking away their lives," Dave Waymire said. "We think this ad is a wake-up call to Michigan about the damage this proposal will do to our state."
We're all going to die!

Not to belabor the obvious, but 9/11 and Katrina both killed more than a thousand people. The opponents of proposal 2 know that most people oppose racial discrimination. Their strategy from day one has been lying and fear-mongering.

Don't be too surprised if you hear before November that the MCRI will resurrect the confederacy.

Despite the attacks, the MCRI continues to hold a narrow lead, 50-41 in the latest poll. To push the MCRI to victory, we need to expose the lies of "One United Michigan" and BAMN. We can all play a part in making that happen.

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