Sunday, October 29, 2006


This update focuses on population. The Unites States recently surpassed 300 million people, according to official estimates. Conservatives celebrate American prosperity and abundance. Liberals display anti-human bias with their belief that population is a problem and that too many people exist.

Jonah Goldberg reviews the history of liberal support for eugenics.
Terry Jeffrey writes that liberals see humanity as a cancer on Earth.
Joseph D'Agostino argues that population is good, illegal immigration is bad.
Joseph D'Agostino proves that the United States is not overpopulated.
Mac Johnson blames liberal culture for America's low birthrate.
Joseph D'Agostino shows that the United Nations promotes genocide in the third world.
Joseph D'Agostino shows that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are promoting genocide against humanity.

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Anonymous said...

Advocating policy based on the contradictory statements and ramblings of long dead men is folly and the GOP is the worst offender. The Bible is not a policy guide! D'Agostino's opining is shameful and disrespectful to all the victims of genocide around the world including Native Americans. If these are your prophets, blind is your way and long shall be the darkness you bring upon the world! This is why you must be defeated!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

While I agree with most of the things in those articles, I do not quite understand the authors view with the distribution of condoms in Africa (last article about Gates and Buffet)

The AIDS problem is so bad in sub-Saharan Africa that a massive population dip is going to occur. Some scientists estimate that AIDS as a whole will have a larger affect than the Black Death did in Europe hundreds of years ago.

The decision to use condoms to stop the spread of AIDS is a good one. There have been Christian missionaries over there for the last decade and clearly "absitence only" hasnt been working. I think condoms... along with abstinence education could make a dramatic dent in the already, as it seems, doomed population.

As for the argument that condoms prevent life... and should be outlawed. I find it rediculous. If you have a choice between having a kid who will most likely be born with AIDS and will be lucky to see his 20's.... or not. It's a tough decision.

And yes... I know... they shouldnt be having sex if that cant deal with the consequences....

People have sex. Its in our nature. We're going to do it... for the purpose of having kids... and for the purpose of pleasure. Condoms/birth control are available for those who, at the time do not want a child.

I know when I get married... I'm gonna want to enjoy a few years with my wife before we have kids and our lives completely change.

I'm sure you can find some verse in the Bible that gives me the right to have sex with my wife....

The US is not over populated. We have plenty of space... and its more tax dollars for the government. I dont see a problem with someone wanting 1 or 2 kids.... or a family that wants 5. Its their choice.

Just a reminder... for those who arent registered in the area. There is still time to get absentee ballots and its always a good idea to mail them in early.