Saturday, October 14, 2006


This update focuses on government. Government takes about half of everything that we earn. It spends money in ways that make us all worse off. It takes away our freedom through regulations and programs. Government is based on force and it is always looking for new ways to expand its power.

Lew Rockwell shows how government regulations damage America.
Thomas DiLorenzo argues that the Homeland Security Department threatens freedom.
Terry Jeffrey shows that government bureaucrats waste our money.
Thomas DiLorenzo lists many ways that government threatens our freedom.
Congressman Ron Paul explains how the IRS threatens free speech.
Walter Williams explains how government tyranny hurts Africa.
Congressman Ron Paul explains why the estate tax must be repealed.
Ron Paul explains how foreign aid hurts both Americans and foreigners.
Herman Cain explains how Social Security defrauds America.
James Plummer writes that government want to surveil us on our own property.

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Matthew Moss said...

All great stuff; excellent articles.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Many of these were interesting articles save perhaps the one on Social Security. May I suggest that someone bring a printed copy of Thomas Dilorenzo's piece on Homeland Security next semester when John Ashcroft comes to visit? Might as well also throw in James Plummer's article.