Thursday, October 19, 2006

Politics Roundup

Links with little or no comment...

Robert Novak gives an assessment of House, Senate, and Governor races.

The Strykers, a couple of local billionaire liberals, are trying to oust Republicans.

The Gazette reports on the race for the sixth congressional district.

Kalamazoo settled a lawsuit by a former police officer.

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Douglas Campbell has lots of fun ideas, including creating a state currency for Michigan. I wonder if the US Constitution has anything to say about that?

The Herald has an awful editorial on population. See my comment.


Pissed off Republican Student said...

I'm glad our congressional people have their act together.... its a shame that we arent doing better in the governor and senate races... especially against weak opponents.

A.J. said...

If you look at the picture in the paper of Campbell, he is standing behind a podium with a placard that reads "" Dear Campbell: you're not going to win any votes that way.

Matthew Moss said...

Campbell also has goals to reduce consumer consumption and population. Hmmmm, I wonder what that would do for our economy?

In another editorial in the Herald, they call DeVos a Marxist. The Herald editorials have consistently stated that DeVos doesn't have a plan, which is rediculous considering he literally has something called his "Turnaround PLAN" that he hosts on his website due to the size and complexity of it (which doesn't lend itself to being put squarely in a commercial or literature). I think we need to get your newspaper going, AJ.