Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Michigan Coalition for Lying

The Michigan "Coalition for Progress" is running ads that attack State Senator Tom George.

The ads claim that George voted against raising the minimum wage, without ever pointing out that he voted in favor of raising the minimum wage. George voted for a different version of the same bill.

The ads also claimed that the clinic that employs George "refuses" to accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage. This is a flat-out lie. When they were caught lying to voters, several local radio stations refused to run the ads. The Coalition for Progress then changed the ads to say that the clinic "refused" to accept the coverage. It's doubtful that most voters noticed the one-letter change.

While technically accurate, the ad strongly implies that this is something that is happening today. They don't mention that the clinic "refused" to do so SIX YEARS AGO. In any case, George had no control over that policy. Even if the clinic did refuse this coverage, it would just mean that they would lose business to some other clinic.

The ads also don't deign to point out the "Coalition for Progress" is actually a billionaire liberal named Jon Stryker.

As liberalism has become increasingly unpopular, many liberals have rebranded themselves with the label "progressive." A progressive is literally someone who is for progress. Of course, this is totally uninformative since people wildly disagree about what constitutes progress. In this case, it would seem that "progress" means overturning the traditional bourgeois moral prohibition against lying.


Pissed off Republican Student said...

The new ad by the dems hits Devos pretty hard. I knew that stupid "get a job" statement was gonna hurt him.

I sure hope Tom wins his race... cause I think this may be a depressing election season.

Andrea M. said...

PO'ed GOP Student:
The night won't be entirely depressing, we have a great Congressman in Fred Upton, and he is going to win big again this year! No matter what, its not going to be a total loss!

Anonymous said...

How concerned should we be that we are pushing for a candidate (Tom George) who has voted to raise the minimum wage? We should be more critical of him for that. And also, Karl Rove says the GOP will be able to use its superior financial resources to turn the election in our favor. I hope liberals don't say he says we will buy the vote.

Anonymous said...

In a lot of the major races... the dems have more money. Its not like it used to be as far as finances go.