Saturday, September 30, 2006

POLITICAL UPDATE--Environmentalism

This update focuses on environmentalism. Environmentalists continue to promote socialism and battle against human prosperity and well-being. Their policies sometimes damage the environment as well. They promote a number of myths to advance their cause.

Deroy Murdock shows that many environmentalists support genocide against humanity.
Lew Rockwell explains how a government ban of DDT led to millions of deaths.
Thomas Sowell explains one way environmentalism hurts the poor.
Alan Caraba exposes the myth of global warming and how it hurts America.
WorldNetDaily destroys the myth that oil is a "fossil fuel" that we are running out of.
Lew Rockwell debunks environmentalism and explains why he opposes the environment.

"It's as if the socialists discovered that their plan created poverty, and so decided to change their names to environmentalists and make poverty their goal."
--Lew Rockwell

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