Monday, September 25, 2006

Too conservative for the CRNC

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The College Republican National Committee wasn't amused. The organization fired her [Morgan Wilkins] on Friday.

The creation of the Facebook group was the final straw for the CRNC. The national committee put Wilkins on probation on Sept. 12 when she told The Michigan Daily that she wanted to plan recruiting events where participants would shoot BB guns at cardboard cutouts of Democratic leaders like John Kerry and try to catch someone posing as an illegal immigrant.

The suggestions prompted an outcry from both Republicans and Democrats, including the University chapters of the College Republicans and College Democrats. Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman and Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean also condemned Wilkins's ideas.


The CRNC responded by telling Wilkins to stay away from the University. Wilkins thought the University's College Republicans had caved to pressure from those who decried her ideas.

"The U of M College Republicans are a bunch of appeasers," she said. "They have this na've outlook on the world that we can work together with the Democrats and la la la things will happen. But working together with the Democrats doesn't mean hiding in some closet and not offending anybody. That's not what we do."

Scott disagreed, saying Wilkins's confrontational style has no place at the University.

"Our public statements about it are pretty clear. Those events undermined the goals of our group," he said. "Those events were not appropriate for our campus."

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Dan Roth said...

The thing about the BB guns I don't approve of. The idea of shooting someone (except in self defense) even as horrid as Teddy or John Kerry seems to be the wrong direction. But catching the illegal immigrant is great. How could anyone oppose that? I think it's a brilliant idea.