Thursday, September 28, 2006

Presidential Search Panel

Western has appointed a panel to search for the next President of Western. The Gazette reports:

The 12-member search team that will help find Western Michigan University's next president has been assembled.

The committee of faculty members, students, administrators, community members and two WMU trustees will work with a professional search consultant, then present a short list of candidates to the board of trustees, which will choose the president.
The panel will also include a WMU student.

Andrew Hooley, a junior at WMU selected to serve on the committee, is one of two students on the committee; the other is a graduate student.

"Our next leader has to be responsive to the students,'' said Hooley, who is vice president of the Western Student Association, which represents some 19,000 undergraduate students.

"I'd really like to see someone who's willing to be dedicated and has a passion for keeping the students at the university,'' he said.

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