Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remembering and reflecting

So we have recently observed the 5th anniversary of 9-11. As we reflect, I think we need to look at the focus of our country. Take President Bush's recent speech commemorating the event. It seems that much of the left can only cry "foul!" about it all.
And it's really sad. They say he's using the moment as a political move. Leave it to people who don't care about what happened to us on that day to do such a thing.
The left complains that Bush never provided details on how he plans to go after the terrorists in his speech. I consider that a good thing. We don't need the terrorists knowing how we plan to take them down. Even more, we don't need the left knowing what we're doing so they can interfere.
The fact of the matter is we were attacked. Thousands on innocent civilians were murdered. They want to do the same again.
We need to be tapping phone conversations going in and out of this country. Customs has a right to search packages, letters, and whatnot going in and out of this country, how do phone calls differ?
How can we be complaining about the conditions at Gitmo? The people there live better than some Americans! Air Conditions, meals daily, that would be the good life for a lot of people out on our own street.
The fact of the matter is the terrorists have not lost their resolve. I hope that most of you reading this here haven't lost any of your resolve to go after these guys.

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