Thursday, September 14, 2006

So what's your arguement now?

Today I saw This story (the Fox News version is here. I had to point out this isn't just Fox News stuff for those leftists who hate Fox News) saying that the US has captured a key Al Qaeda member in Iraq. While this capture is great for the US and our war against these terrorists, as Glen Beck would put it, we need to look at the real story here.
The real story is that we caught a key member of Al Qaeda (the people the left say we should be focusing on instead of Iraq) in Iraq. This shows that the enemies who hit us on 9/11 and want to continue attacking us use Iraq as a location to retreat to. If we were not in Iraq, do you think we would have made this capture? If Bin laden was to hide in Iraq, do you really think Saddam would let us walk in and get him? This proves that Iraq is a key ground in this war with these terrorists.
But do you think the left will give any value to this? No. They will continue to argue that the war in Iraq is a distraction from the war on the terrorists. But we would have not made this bust if it wasn't for the war in Iraq.
I think the left look at this war all wrong. They think if we cut off the head of the dragon (bin Laden) then all will be right with the world. I wonder if they're more concerned with revenge than preventing another attack. But the terrorists are more like a starfish than a snake. We can't cut off part of it because it will grow back. We have to wipe it out in all forms and regardless of where it is.
The sad thing is that there are people in this country so brainwashed, they'll ignore this story and continue with the rhetoric that "Bush lied, people died," or "Iraq is a distraction from the war on terror." I think we all need to point this out to them. We can't let this story slide under the rug. So for all my conservative friends, I want you to take note of this story and be sure to point this out to anyone on the left who says Iraq has no value to the war with the terrorists.

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