Saturday, September 30, 2006

Competitive Legislative Seats

MIRS recently ranked what it believes to be the most competitive Michigan Senate and Legislature seats. The articles are available on Saul Anuzius' blog.

The most competitive Senate races are available here. (Scroll down about 40%.)

The most competitive House races are available here. (Scroll about half way down.)

The most competitive Senate seat is Kalamazoo's own Tom George:

1. Sen. Tom GEORGE (R-Texas Twp.) v. Rep. Alexander LIPSEY (D-Kalamazoo), 20th District *6

The panic button is being pushed in Republican land. The GOP is realizing George wasn't dialed into the "incumbency protection plan" as much as he should have been and the Democrats realize George's numbers are the weakest among sitting Republican Senators. The impression in Lansing is that the anesthesiologist has been practicing too much medicine and too little politics. It's easy to fall asleep when your incumbent rakes up 56 percent of the vote in 2002.

Now that Lipsey's knees have healed up, he's walking all over the place with his likeable father. Democrats believe Lipsey will be able to bring out the base vote in the urban center, something 2002 Democratic candidate Ed LaFORGE was unable to do. The anti-Republican Jon STRYKER-funded Coalition for Progress group is paying for George attack ads.

In the meantime, this Kalamazoo County district is changing. Western Michigan University is growing. The county went 51 percent for Democratic presidential nominee John KERRY in 2004 and Lipsey's numbers in Kalamazoo are huge.
Meanwhile, this made the races to watch:

69th District, Mark MEADOWS (D) v. Johnny KNOWLES (R) *NR

This seat is trending Democratic in a hard, fast way and it's hard to see Meadows blowing this, but you can't drive through East Lansing without seeing at least three Knowles signs. Johnny Knowles is, seriously, everywhere.

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Dan Roth said...

They list the race in my home Sentorial district between Bob Schockman and Randy Richardville. I've met Schockman as he's my township clerk. Let me tell you, he is the most dangerous type of liberal. And I mean more dangerous than those like Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. We know where those two stand on issues and there's no hiding it. But ol' Bobby will do whatever it takes to get where he wants to be. To quote a friend of mine "He'll lie through his teeth on his positions if it'lll convince you to vote for him." I'm hoping the people of my home district are smart enough to see through his lies. Randy Richardville is a good American and would be great for this state.