Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Job Opportunity

In Michigan's difficult economic climate, finding a job may not be easy. Here's an opportunity for a job with Western that I received in an email.

Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay & Transgender Student Services
Coordinator Position Description

Title: Coordinator
Level: Full-time (20 hours/week) Doctoral Associateship or Graduate Assistantship
Supervision: This position reports to Suzie Nagel, Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs.

Application Information: Please submit letter of interest and résumé by Monday, October 30 2006 to:

Suzie Nagel
Associate Dean of Students
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5326
(269) 387-2150

LBGT Student Services Mission: The mission of the Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender (LBGT) Student Services is to promote a campus climate that affirms and supports the academic and personal development of students who identify as lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, transsexual, questioning, their partners, allies, and others who face discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. LBGT Student Services offers education about gender identity and sexual orientation to the WMU community and collaborates with registered student organizations and members of WMU and local community agencies to provide students with access to healthy resources, activities, and support services.

Purpose of Coordinator Position: To increase knowledge, awareness, and understanding among the WMU community of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity; and to provide information, referral, support, and advocacy to lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender students in accordance with the mission of LBGT Student Services.

Coordinator Responsibilities:

1. Maintain and enhance the Safe On Campus and Transgender ally programs: publicize programs; schedule and conduct orientation/training sessions; periodically communicate with members; monitor and/or evaluate usage, effectiveness.

2. Maintain and enhance the LBGT SpeakOUT Panel program: publicize program to potential users; schedule programs and speakers; recruit and train new speakers; meet periodically with program members; compile summaries of user evaluations.

3. Identify departments, units, special groups or populations at WMU that could benefit from education to increase LBGT awareness, sensitivity, and responsiveness. Develop and provide training.

4. Continue the positive working relationship with LBGT registered student organizations OUTspoken and OUTreach.

5. In collaboration with registered student organizations and/or community agencies, plan, organize, and implement special activities and events that address the issues, concerns, or needs of LBGT students and allies – in particular, Fall Welcome Celebration, National Coming Out Day, and LBGT Awareness Week events.

6. Hold regular office hours.

7. Maintain and further awareness, use, and visibility of the office and its services.

a. Produce and distribute office brochures and other materials related to office services and activities.
b. Utilize media and communication vehicles to promote awareness of office.
c. Represent the office at appropriate events designed to share information about WMU resources and services (e.g., Welcome Week, Bronco Bash, RA Training, Graduate and Non-Traditional Student Services Fair, Orientation Leader Training).
d. Serve on University committees as appropriate and ensure that the perspectives and needs of LBGT students are represented.

8. Recruit, train, and supervise student employees and volunteers.

9. Provide information, referral, support, and advocacy to LBGT and ally students.

a. Collect and organize information about campus and community resources for LBGT students.
b. Provide information, support, and advocacy for students who are experiencing harassment or discrimination based on real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.
c. Maintain the resource library of educational materials related to the office mission.

10. Facilitate two meetings per semester of the Campus LGBT Advisory Committee. This group is comprised of WMU faculty, staff, and students who provide input and support to LBGT Coordinator and advocates for the needs of LBGT students at WMU.

11. Respond to requests by faculty, staff, and students for information about LBGT issues.

12. Routinely collect and report data and information on services provided by the office.

Rosana Alsaud Chairperson Graduate Student Advisory Committee Western Michigan University Office: (269) 387-8207 Fax: (269) 387-8232 www.wmich.edu/gsac
Aren't you glad your tax dollars help to support this?


Anonymous said...

I fail to see the problem.

I'm a die-hard Republican... but I just don't get this whole issue. Let people be who they are. I've never been bothered by a group like this. If they have a demonstration... I just walk by/ignore them (like i do most of the events on campus).

It doesn't affect me. I dont understand why it affects other people so much. I'm too busy worried about myself and my life to care whether or not some guy at my school is attracted to another guy. It's his life. What he does in private is his business.

The only way I would have a problem with this is that if it openly stated that you must be gay to obtain this position.

Our taxes go to plenty of things that I don't agree with (liberal and conservative causes alike)

I dont like the fact that my taxes helped pay for that stupid bridge in Alaska... or the Robert Byrd everything in West Virginia.

I'm sure if we got the figures... that the actual amount per person would be rather small... and they aren't really getting much money... just tuition.

I dont know... enlighten me my conservative bretherin

Anonymous said...

The Pissed off Republican Student has advocated a very noble position and one I agree with. Homosexuality is not a big issue and it detracts from larger problems facing our society such as Social Security reform and the war in Iraq. Serious and civil discussion of major issues does not occur because certain members of Congress exploit people's fears for political gain. It is true that in a democracy, the majority party has the right to set the agenda but that does not mean I have to agree with that agenda. Homosexuals do not pose the same threat as Islamic extremists or anti-abortion fanatics who blow up clinics or shoot doctors. They are individuals who have made a particular life decision and want to be left alone to enjoy the rights other people take for granted. Moreover, they are also free to advocate peacefully for those rights. By the way the last time I checked, Massachusetts has not exploded or fallen into the pits of hell. The family structure in this country is not under threat from homosexuals but rather from the pressures of global capitalism. Families are breaking apart because individuals are forced to balance too many things in their daily lives. Suggesting homosexuals are the root evil detracts from a broader debate about the nature of the family in a globalized world. Scapegoats are far too common in today’s political discourse. Finally, the Pissed off Republican Student is also correct that tax dollars are used in ways no one completely agrees with. While some may find the position of LBGT Student Services Coordinator a waste of money, I find the Iraq war to have been a waste of money. By living in this society, we have agreed to obey the rules placed upon us by civil government. Though that government often acts in ways we disagree with, we cannot ask it to favor one group over another beyond what democracy naturally entails. If we accept that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we have to accept that homosexuals have the right to live their lives and be happy. To suggest anything less is un-American.

Dan Roth said...

Here's the kicker about homosexuality that really drives me insane (I had a post on my personal blog that's much more in depth if anyone really cares). We don't know what homosexuality really is. By this I mean we don't know why is occurs or what causes it. There's actually a group of psychologists who believe it is a mental disorder created by rejection of same sex peers duing adolensense. They also further postulate that it can be cured and there is evidence to support this. If this is all true, do we want to be supporting a mental disorder?

But let's say this is wrong. Tell me what causes homosexuality. If you can't you shouldn't support it. Because you shouldn't support that which you can't explain. The fact that my tuition dollars are going to this is very upsetting to me.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside your comments, Dan, about proving a cause given that it opens up a huge can of worms regarding religion, morality, and other matters of politics, are you suggesting that we discriminate against people with mental disorders? It seems to me that if homosexuality was caused by mental disorder (and I'd be interested to see more about who is saying this) that society would want to offer services to those affected so as to help them live normal lives and fulfill the American dream. After all, we are not entirely sure what cases cancer; does that mean we should cut funding for programs that help cancer patients? You likely feel the way you do based on deeply-rooted moral convictions. Can you explain what causes you to hold such beliefs without using a circular argument? If you cannot, should you, as you suggest, be supporting something you cannot explain?

Conservative First said...

I love how people just make up positions and attribute them to me. I never know what I'll think next!

The bridge to nowhere is certainly a waste of money, as is the nation-building portion of the war in Iraq. Saying that we waste money in one place does not justify wasting it somewhere else.

National security is a function that can only be performed by government. Government should only do what the private sector cannot.

Liberals need to get their story straight about homosexuals. Do they want to leave them alone to pursue their own business? If so, they should be opposing this expense. This represents the government actively promoting homosexuality. This is the government favoring one group over another.

I strongly suspect that Dan does not favor spending money to promote cancer.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Allan can explain how this would be "actively promoting homosexuality." Do any of the numbered points contain something so valuable that someone would alter their sexual orientation simply to take advantage? If there are, which ones are they? Do you also propose to eliminate the position of diversity coordinator around the university? Or how about any position that deals with the disabled? Any of those favor one group over another. The point Allan fails to see is that that is what government is. Government is about favoring one group over another based on arbitrary criteria. Any faith-based initiatives would have to be eliminated based on Allen's logic. Perhaps your entire point is to reduce all government to the three functions proposed by Adam Smith. There is of course an argument in favor of doing so, however, you will be hard pressed to get the majority (conservatives at the moment) to give up all of the benefits they receive from government. One of the original points I attempted to make is that LGBT individuals have the right to organize and petition their government for the redress of grievances. If you do not agree that is what this particular position allows then so be it. You are likely right. The logical conclusion of your argument would be, however, that any such office would have to be eliminated. Certainly an advocate for the disabled would "actively promoting" disability in the same way an LGBT coordinator is "actively promoting homosexuality." If that sounds ludicrous to you, it is because it is.

Anonymous said...

Okay.... so I guess the original point of my comment was lost....

What is the problem my fellow conservatives have with homosexuals?

A.J. said...

DAN ROTH: He supports cancer