Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Taylor Attack Ad

In what is apparently the first local campaign ad of the season, County Commissioner John Patrick Taylor is attacking the proposed arena in downtown Kalamazoo. His ad points out that his opponent, State Rep. Robert Jones, snuck a bill through Lansing to change the law on local tax referendums to make this plan possible.

Taylor's ad runs counter to this blog's expectations that he would not run a real campaign unless Jones had to withdraw for health reasons.

It will be interesting to see how much traction this anti-corporate welfare line of attack gets in the democrat primary. There is some evidence that many lefty commenters on Mlive are not sympathetic to this proposal, but this is just anecdotal. It is still highly unlikely that Taylor will win, but this attack could damage Jones. In any case, this race just got more interesting.

Taylor has two other ads, all of which are running on WKZO radio (590).

The second ad is criticizing Jones' support for the bill to allow development of the Colony Farm Orchard. The bill recently passed the legislature overwhelmingly. Interestingly, neither ad actually mentions Jones, though both are clearly aimed at his legislative record.

The third ad is a positive ad featuring an endorsement by fellow county commissioner Brian Johnson. (Does Johnson have something against Jones?)

John Taylor Runs for Senate
Arena of Conflict

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