Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Upton on Invasion

A local 'church' held a rally for immigration criminals on Sunday.

Immigration reform sought by bilingual crowd at Kalamazoo rally

While this sort of thing is nothing new, the following comments by an aide to Congressman Fred Upton.

Ed Sackley, a district representative for U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, attended the event and said afterward reform means different things to different people. But, he said, Upton has long been behind major proposals that are consistent with the type of reform sought by the Michigan Organizing Project and Reform Immigration for America.

Sackley said an idea such as a “guest-worker” program, where immigrants would be allowed to work for different farmers during different growing seasons is an example of the reform that Upton favors.
Because it's not like any American citizens are looking for work right now.

“Fred is in favor of securing our borders, but he does not support deportation,” Sackley said.
So Fred's policy is to lock the doors to prevent a break-in, but if someone does break in, he should never have to leave? Is that Fred's policy for his own house?

Always remember: Illegal Immigrants are Criminals

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Unknown said...

does this commentary really reflect the conservatives on WMU's campus? Yikes! Hate to say it but Sackley's got it right on this one (and you'll never hear me say that again).