Sunday, February 28, 2010

Census Lies

With the 2010 census just around the corner, the federal government is ramping up its propaganda campaign to get people to fill it out.

One ad on a local radio station paints a grim scenario. A town has a couple traffic lights. A bunch of people move in. But they don't fill out the census! Pretty soon, traffic is gridlocked everywhere, but because people didn't fill out the census, the government doesn't know to put up more traffic lights. Oh, no!

How dumb do they think we are? Putting up a traffic light is a decision a local government makes based on studies of traffic volumes. (Measured by those black strips you sometimes see strung across the road.) The census has nothing to do with it. The idea that nobody would notice gridlock without the census is insulting. Do traffic lights only get put up in years divisible by ten?

If filling out the census is so important, can the government come up with a reason that isn't a lie?


Anonymous said...

The census is a lie. What new schools or improvements? What money for the community? It's just an excuse to elect more useless people into office and our do-nothing congress.

Unknown said...

Correct and incorrect. I was a Census crew leader this year, and I constantly reminded my crew what our CONSTITUTIONAL mandate was. To get a head count so that our elected representatives can be proportioned correctly. If you monkeys don't understand THAT, then you need to move up to the Territory of Alaska with your girl friend Sara. IT IS THE BASIS OF OUR REPUBLIC!!

Ron Paul 2012

Biped19 said...

Dean is full of it, and another bureaucrat sucking on tax money. I am intimately involved with the census, and it has become nothing more that a marketing style questionnaire, intended to nag and extract information that in some cases is intrusive and down right unconstitutional. Like home ownership, rent, gender, race, etc. THERE IS NO RIGHT AND EXCUSE FOR THE JUSTIFICATION OF ASKING THOSE QUESTIONS. Period. Paragraph. Address confirmation, head of household & head count are all that a citizen has to give. REFUSE THE REST. Btw, the taker, called "enumerator" are treated like dirt in the Kafkaesque hierarchy that becomes progressively, filled with attitude, ignorance, incompetence & paperwork that actually hampers the census taking process. These are the jobs the fascist federal government creates to assist in fudging the employment numbers.