Saturday, February 27, 2010

After Biby

County Commissioner Grady Biby died a couple weeks ago. The county commission has the option of either holding a special election or appointing a replacement. With less than a year left in his term and the county strapped for cash, the commission has chosen to appoint a replacement.

Six file to replace Biby on Kalamazoo County Board: Commissioners expected to make appointment next week

Six candidates have applied for the position.

John Cross Sr., a retired Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s deputy.
Erin Hoogendyk, a Texas Township trustee and the wife of Jack Hoogendyk, a former state representative.
Timothy Rogowski, a banker.
Ronald Commissaris, a former Texas Township supervisor.
Thomas Batten, owner of a business called Prodesse Tutoring and a Democrat running for the 61st District state House seat.
Elrico Hurley, a former member of the Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education.
Erin Hoogendyk is a strong conservative like her husband. Both are members of the local Republican party. Tim Rogowski is a moderate Republican who is involved in the local party. Commissaris was Texas Township Supervisor until he was defeated in the Republican primary in 2008 by Dave Healy. He is a moderate who endorsed tax increases and was never active in the party. Batten is a 30-year-old democrat of unclear beliefs running for the 61st district nomination. This blog is unfamiliar with Cross and Hurley.

Who will the commission appoint? It currently has a 9-7 democrat majority. At least some of the democrat commssioners have endorsed the idea of appointing a Republican since Biby was a Republican. Of course, any democrat appointed to the seat would be all but certain to lose in November since Texas Township is the most Republican part of the county. On the other hand, the democrats may appoint a moderate Republican to give him a boost in the primary and hope to keep the seat from a conservative like Erin Hoogendyk. That would suggest appointing Rogowski or Commissaris.

There will likely be a primary no matter who the bourd appoints, as Erin is likely to run either way.

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Davis Clancy said...

Dear Western Right,

Your December 1st post had my correct age of 30 years old at the time of the post.

I know you want to frame me a certain way - and I expect this - but your facts are incorrect in this case.

Since we are framing issues instead of sticking with facts, here are a couple of rumors: Erin Hoogendyk has withdrawn her application for the 11th County Commission.

Furthermore, rumor has it that Mrs. Hoogendyk & possibly Tim "the banker" Rogowski will challenge O'Brien in the 61st Republican primary from the right and left respectively.

O'Brien only raised $200 according to her campaign finance report and looks very weak.

Of course Jack H. is rumored to want to challenge Upton for US Congress, and it does not appear credible for husband and wife to undergo separate, grueling campaign schedules.

My estimation is that Erin Hoogendyk will run for the 61st against O'Brien if Margaret does not sign Jack's "No tax increase pledge no exceptions" pledge.