Thursday, February 11, 2010

After Ehlers

UPDATE: Land and Zandstra have announced that they will not run.

There are many potential candidates for the 3rd Congressional district following Vern Ehlers' retirement.

Long list of candidates likely to try to replace Vern Ehlers in Congress

A few thoughts.

The only declared candidate right now is Rep. Justin Amash. He seems to be trying to position himself as the most conservative candidate in the race. With endorsements from the three most conservative members of the state house (Agema, Genetski, McMillin), he's off to a good start.

Many have speculated that term-limited Senator Bill Hardiman will run. If he does, expect that he will receive lots of support from national Republicans who know little about him.

Some have speculated that Terri Land might run. It would really stab Mike Bouchard in the back if she did.

The Yob faction of the state party will likely run a candidate. They are supporting candidates in all the other major state races (Snyder, Scheute, Scott, Riemersma). That candidate may be Jerry Zandstra, unless they think someone else is more credible.

There are plenty of other possibilities, but what will set them apart from the crowd?

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