Thursday, February 04, 2010

Attacking Michigan's Constitution

Several different politicians have come out in favor of a constitutional convention in Michigan.

Michigan constitutional convention up for vote
Granholm backs overhaul of Michigan constitution
Happy Statehood Day!
Area lawmakers differ over need for constitutional convention for state

Governor Jennifer Granholm has endorsed a constitutional convention. Hasn't she done a enough to wreck this state without sabotaging our constitution, too?

More curious are the supporters of a con-con on the right. Moderate-conservative senator Tom George endorsed it, but didn't give a single specific change that he wants to see to the constitution.

Also supporting a con-con is renegade conservative Dennis Lennox, who is Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner and a candidate for state house. Lennox lists a number of possible constitutional changes, some addressing non-constitutional issues, others of dubious merit, all of which could be accomplished without a convention if there were support for them.

In weighing the possibility of a constitutional convention, we must consider not what is possible, but what is likely. It is likely that all the usual special interests will show up at a constitutional convention and try to rig the system in their favor. It is likely that all the 'good government' reform proposals pushed by naive do-gooders will be quickly tossed in the trash.

This blog already published a detailed refutation of the arguments for a con-con previously. Anyone in doubt should read the post below.

Constitutional Convention? No!

Michigan should vote no on a constitutional convention.

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