Monday, February 15, 2010

Dave Pawloski is a Bad Person

Democrats use spat with conservative company for fundraising

Kalamazoo County Democrat Party Chair: A Real Classy Guy!

I passed your invitation onto our leadership and they collectively agreed to tell you to take your invitation fold it five ways and stick it where the moon don’t shine! PS: Your website violates campaign finance laws. Tell that to the derilict jack hoogydick and his cronies who are funding your rinky dink operation.
David C. Pawloski, Chair
Kalamazoo County Democratic Party

For Immediate Release 2/5/10

Clarification of comments
David Pawloski calls on Gazette to correct the record. Neither I nor anyone in our organization believes the Balkema family or Best Way disposal are fascists. I hope there is no misunderstanding on that. If there is, please let me clarify myself. What I said is that there are elements of the Tea Party, who are supported by the Best Way ads, which agree with Glen Beck that the President hates white people, believe in Gov’t run Death Panels and President Obama is not a US citizen. Those people are the ones I was talking about. I challenge anyone to attend the rally this weekend and see the hatred being spread and the businesses profiting from it.

Dave Pawloski


Glenn Beck has never said that Obama is not a citizen. He has repeatedly said the opposite. But maybe 'Glen Beck' is a completely different person from Glenn Beck.

There was no 'hate' at the Reagan birthday party. There was love. Love for God, freedom, and the ideals that Reagan stood for.

P. S. Pawloski obviously went to public schools.


Anonymous said...

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James Tyler said...

David sent this in a letter to me; I'm curious if he ever went to college... He actually typed "aint".
Take your childish ideas, fold them 5 ways, and stick them where the moon don't shine. You aint got the balls to debate shit, that's why you hide behind your website and throw bombs, just like a republican would! I can beat you on every one of your silly positions. When you decide to grow up, I'll be here. Oh, by the way, when your toast and washed up, I will still be here.

David C. Pawloski, Chair
Kalamazoo County Democratic Party

Anonymous said...

"P. S. Pawlowski obviously went to public schools."

Only a Republican attending a public university could miss such an obvious contradiction while making an insulting quip.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tyler,

I can't wait to hear the acclaim showered upon you after you finally receive that B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from WMU. IMPRESSIVE. It only took a university with open enrollment to make it this far. Perhaps you can find a grad school that doesn't require the GRE or official transcripts. My my, I can't wait to shake your hand.

James Tyler said...

Wow! I'm completely crushed by your comment, Mr. Anonymous/Palatine. IMPRESSIVE. Maybe you're the Republican that Mr. Pawloski was talking about. At least my education warranted basic grammar skills, something Mr. Pawloski can't say for himself as he doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're". You must be very proud of your esteemed leader. I have marketable skills, so graduate school is only really an option for me; my employment options are sufficient with or without it. Too bad Mr. Pawloski's screw-turning union job wasn't viable in the age of robotics. Perhaps then he wouldn't have so much free time to regurgitate every liberal cliché into what one can only assume he believes to be arguments. I'm curious, are you a former screw-turner as well? Well, I guess we'll never find out, Mr. Palatine, you anonymous bomb thrower, you. My, my, I cannot wait to shake your hand as well! Be sure to buy a copy of next book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I'm sure I'll be receiving more acclaim with this next book than from your however many years of dutiful servitude to the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Judging one's intelligence on grammatical ability fails when you make similar mistakes.

"Be sure to buy a copy of next book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble."

Perhaps you meant to say, "a copy of MY next book."

Regarding my anonymity:

I have not created a website filled with self-aggrandizing statements about myself. Nor have I created my own personal logo where I resemble a studded-dildo with a tie on (as you have). Is that what it means to be anonymous?

James Tyler said...

You've got me again, Mr. Palatine. Also, thank you for the dildo remark; it shows how mature you really are. Keep up your brilliant, pungent remarks! Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you for the traffic to my website. Every little bit increases my Google Pagerank - I am grateful. Let me know when I can grace you with my handshake.