Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gazette Supports the Arena

It's no surprise that the Gazette has endorsed the downtown arena proposal.

Editorial: Why we support an event center in Kalamazoo

— Second, the numbers make sense for a variety of reasons. While we dislike the notion of increased taxation of any kind right now, the idea to add a small tax on restaurant food and beverages is a good one. A $10 meal would be taxed 10 cents. Plus, it spreads minuscule cost across a larger group than just residents here; many visitors, tourists and other out-of-towners would be paying the tax, too.
What a joke. The Gazette hardly ever met a tax increase it didn't like. It supported the jail proposal, the juvenile home, the KRESA tax, the Croyden school, the Croyden school again, the transportation tax, the bus tax, the Caravan tax, and now the arena tax. When is the last time that the Gazette has opposed a countywide tax? This blog can't think of one.

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