Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Supports the Arena?

The Gazette today contains some useful information. It reports how the votes are lining up on the proposed arena tax.

Kalamazoo County Commissioners choosing sides on arena vote
Kalamazoo-area colleges look for ways event center could help them
Arena proposal heads to county next week: County board must act by May 25 to put taxes before voters in August

Interestingly, there is no clear partisan divide.

For the arena are democrats Alford, Barnard, Buskirk and Republicans Zull, Ansari, and Buckholz. Leaning for is democrat Urban.

Against the arena are democrats Taylor, Quinn, and John Nieuwenhuis, and Republican Ann Nieuwenhuis. Leaning against are democrat Johnson and Republican Maturen.

Undecided are democrat Thompson and Republicans Heppler and Balkema.

Zull and Ansari are generally seen as two of the most conservative members of the board. It looks like they need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with local taxpayers.

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