Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Taylor Runs for Senate

Democratic Kalamazoo County Commissioner John Taylor announced that he is running for the 20th district state senate seat being vacated by Tom George.

Kalamazoo County commissioner announces candidacy for Michigan Senate

He will be running against State Rep. Robert Jones in the democrat primary. Jones is clearly the candidate of the democrat establishment, which means that they will probably arm-twist Taylor until he drops out of the race.

Taylor was elected by a few votes over the Republican candidate in 2002, when he was a WMU student. (It isn't clear if he ever graduated.) He defeated an aggressive challenge by then-WMU College Republican Chairman Tom Barrett in 2006.

Taylor has some dirt in his past, which could have an impact if he stays in the race.

Side note: Mlive has a menacing picture of Taylor and shares this "Fun Fact":

Taylor, the youngest commissioner, believes the townships — and not the county — should pay for increased sheriff’s patrols.
How is that a fun fact?

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