Friday, July 03, 2009


This update focuses on health care. President Obama is threatening to impose more government control on America's health care system. Socialism will lead to worse care and more death.

John Stossel: "Better" Health Care?
Thomas Sowell: Alice in Medical Care
Deroy Murdock: Reading Obama Care Bills Endangers Human Health
Phyllis Schlafly: Massachusetts: A Model Not to Copy
Phyllis Schlafly: Obama's Health Care Reform in Trouble
Phyllis Schlafly: High Costs of Obama's Health Care Plan
William Hoar: Overdosing on Obama Healthcare
Ron Paul: Fight Government Encroachment into Healthcare!
Ron Paul: When Government Plays Doctor

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1 comment:

Hamster said...

Obama's healthcare plan is socialist.
Oh, you mean socialist as in....
public universities
public libraries
public parks
public roads
public servants (Republican congressmen)
the postal service
the armed forces
I guess we already live in a socialist country. (Gee how I hate the socialistic public library.)

So...Maybe... so as not to offend people who don't like "socialism"...we could do a swap
a public healthcare plan for , say, putting the pentagon and armed forces under the control of a private company like Blackwater or Halliburton
Oh...that would be Great...wouldn't it
Yeah. They'd save us a lot of money wouldn't they?